Saturday, 31 August 2013

Your luggage at your doorstep

No more twiddling thumbs at carousels while waiting for your luggage to arrive. Just head straight home or to the hotel.

No more twiddling thumbs at carousels while waiting for your luggage to arrive. Just head straight home or to the hotel.

Once past immigration, all you need to worry about is getting to your home or accommodation. Your luggage will be delivered directly to you – for a fee, of course.

AS the airline industry continues to put the squeeze on luggage fees, US-based carrier JetBlue has launched a baggage delivery service that will allow flyers to bypass the carousel and proceed directly home or to their resort holiday.

JetBlue unveiled details this week of its new Bags VIP concierge service, which will hand-deliver checked bags to customers’ final destination within a 64km-radius of the airport.

Promotional pricing starts at US$25 (RM82) for delivery of one bag and US$40 (RM132) for up to 10 bags. Flyers can place their orders up to one hour before departure. At the airport, bags will be identified with a VIP tag and delivered by a representative within four hours of arrival.

The new door-to-door delivery service comes as industry insiders predict that airlines will begin charging for carry-on bags in an effort to discourage passengers from overpacking, reduce weight load and fuel costs, and find more revenue streams.

Meanwhile, other luggage delivery programmes include companies like Luggage Free, Carry My Luggage and First Luggage, services targeted towards business and luxury travellers and flyers who need to transport oversized sporting equipment and precious cargo.

JetBlue follows the lead of American Airlines, which also launched a delivery service last year.

For the truly jetset with no time – or inclination – to pack, services like Garde Robe in the US and Vault Couture in the UK will also store, pack and deliver people’s suitcases for them.

JetBlue’s VIP delivery programme is the latest move from the low-cost airline to try and rebrand itself as a premium carrier for the business traveller.

Recently, the carrier unveiled new lie-flat seats with massage features and private suites that slide shut. The new seating will be made available on their transcontinental flights between New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco next year. – AFP Relaxnews

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