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Stop the Bullying

More action needed to resolve bullying

THE Education Ministry is not pleased with the efforts so far to address and end the bullying issue in national schools.

#WiseUpWithWan campaign aims to end cyber-harassment

PETALING JAYA: The rise of online bullying and cyber harassment has increased in recent years, with Malaysia's growing internet penetration rate and high usage of social media tools.

Video of bully incident is actually from 2014

PETALING JAYA: The video of a primary school student being bullied by a group of students was taken three years ago in Kedah and the case had been dealt with, Deputy Education Minister Datuk P. Kamalanathan said.

Japan on suicide watch as children go back to school

Tokyo (AFP) - As Japan's schools reopened Friday after summer holidays, a day when suicides among young people spike, celebrities reached out to at-risk children and one Tokyo zoo offered refuge to nervous pupils in a bid to tackle the mental health crisis.

For some children, the thought of returning to school sends their stress levels soaring, as they battle fears ranging from schoolyard bullies to doing poorly on exams. - AFP

Lam Thye: Rise of bullying among youths a big concern

PETALING JAYA: The spate of bullying and violent behaviour among youths has become a grave concern for the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation.

Group of 10 beats up Form Two student

JOHOR BARU: A Form Two student was hurt after being assaulted by a group of 10 people for refusing to join their gang.

‘Speed is good but more time needed’

PETALING JAYA: Swift action will prevent disciplinary issues from becoming full-blown problems, but some stakeholders feel that the one-week period given to solve each case is too short.

Teen badly injured in assault by 20 schoolmates

KULIM: A 16-year-old boy was admitted to a private hospital in Butterworth, Penang, with a swollen abdomen and face, as well as fractured fingers after he was allegedly beaten up by about 20 of his schoolmates.

Ministry all for expelling bullies

PASIR PUTEH: The Education Ministry will not stand in the way of schools and universities that expel bullies.

Mother claims daughter scared off by school bully

PETALING JAYA: She used to be outspoken, trusting and amicable. Now, the eight-year-old, a victim of bullying, is withdrawn, angry and afraid to go to school.