Star Golden Hearts Award

The Star Golden Hearts award celebrates Malaysians from all walks of life - individuals or groups - who carried out heroic deeds and/or selflessly, building bridges between different communities, and in doing so promoted racial harmony and unity. The inaugural award was presented to 10 individuals and groups on Dec 16, 2015.

This year, we recognised 10 more individuals and groups who have gone out of their way to help others in need, regardless of race, colour or status. Star Golden Hearts Award 2016 recipients are:

  • Marie Christie Robert: She donated most of her liver to her teacher Cikgu Cheong;
  • Kong Lan Lee: Actively involved in helping special needs children through Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Kajang (PKIK);
  • Shalini Yeap May Hwa and Alfred Samuel Mariyaras: Dedicated volunteers who help the less fortunate;
  • Jerryson Abraham Gnanaraj Doss and Edna Sung Burongoh: They help the homeless and recovering addicts through special programmes;
  • Khairuddin Abd Aziz: For his youth education and awareness programmes about the dangers of drugs through music and art;
  • Dr Rusaslina Idrus: Provides clothes and toiletries to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur through Kedai Jalanan;
  • Rishiwant Singh Randhawa: Organised the Good Will Walk to raise awareness for humanitarian purposes;
  • Mohd Yusuf Rohani: Cared for a childhood friend for 15 years;
  • Saari Mohd Nor & Low Kock Seong: Rescued eight Royal Malaysian Air Force men from a plane crash; and
  • Tan Chin Leong: For rescuing individuals who attempt to take their own lives.

Click on the articles below to know more about their initiatives.

*All nominations are reviewed by the Award committee for eligibility. Judges' decision is final.

This year's Star Golden Hearts Award is supported by Gamuda.

Making it their business to help others

6 December 2016

IT is close to 10 o’clock on a Friday night when Jerryson Abraham Doss, his wife Edna Sung Burongoh and a small group of Good Samaritans with them start setting up tables along the five-foot way on Jalan Hang Lekiu in Kuala Lumpur. The pavements are lined with street dwellers who gather there in anticipation of the many do-gooders who drop off food for the homeless.

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Charitable duo help set up mobile clinic to treat and rehabilitate the homeless

5 December 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: You may have heard of Dr S. Madhusudhan from the Teddy Mobile Clinic and his work with the homeless community in Kuala Lumpur. Nicknamed the Teddy Bear doctor because of his tendency to give street children a soft toy after a visit, he was one of the 10 recipients of the Star Golden Hearts award last year.

Part of family: Marie paying Cheong and Pik Yin a visit in Kota Kinabalu.
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Woman donates liver to ex-teacher

4 December 2016

KOTA KINABALU: Marie Christine Robert has never been one to defy her family, especially her parents. But that was precisely what she did to save a life.

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Giving her heart and soul for the ‘kids’

3 December 2016

KAJANG: When Kong Lan Lee decided to quit her job as an administrative manager to become director of the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation in Petaling Jaya, her mother, boss and colleagues asked her if she was sure.

Huddled masses: Rishiwant (right) looking on as Syrian refugees in Macedonia crowd the stall to get their serving of hot dhal.
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Walking on the hard path of good

2 December 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: Being separated from one’s spouse is heartbreaking but it led to Rishiwant Singh Randhawa walking for a good cause. And for his efforts and sacrifices, Rishiwant was picked as one of the 10 winners of the Star Golden Hearts Award 2016.

Man with a mission: Khai believes the most effective way to help youths is by reaching out to them first.
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It’s cool to stay away from drugs

1 December 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: For anti-drug abuse activist Khai Aziz, music has always been his inspiration, passion and weapon.

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Golden Hearts Awards 2016: Unofficial recruiter for the homeless

30 November 2016

As strong believers in second chances, golden heart couple Jerryson Abraham Doss and wife, Edna Sung Burongoh took the role of becoming unofficial job recruiters for the homeless under their Viva Starfish Project.

Gold letter day: Lin receiving the Star-Gamuda Inspiration Award from Ubull at the Star Golden Hearts Award ceremony at Menara Star, Petaling Jaya.

The common threads of moderation

30 November 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: When she was a child, Dr Rusaslina “Lin” Idrus remembers her father using the family typewriter to help a taxi driver type up a job application.

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Gold honours netted by brave fishermen

29 November 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: After returning to shore from their usual morning fishing run, fishermen Saari Mohd Nor and Low Kok Seong would have breakfast and read the newspapers in their quiet village in Bagan, Pasir Penambang.

To the rescue: A file pic of Tan rescuing a woman from jumping off the bridge in December last year. He was bitten while trying to save her.

The life saver of Penang Bridge

28 November 2016

BUTTERWORTH: As tow truck service runner Tan Chin Leong rides his motorcycle back and forth across the Penang Bridge daily, he is not just looking out for vehicles that break down but also keeping an eye for people who look like they are about to jump off the bridge.

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