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The Star Golden Hearts Award celebrates Malaysians from all walks of life – individuals or groups – who acted heroically and/or selflessly, building bridges between different communities, and in doing so promoting racial harmony and unity.

Nominations for the Star Golden Hearts Award 2017, supported by Yayasan Gamuda, closed on August 31. Thanks to all who nominated persons or groups for this award. The winners will be announced in November.

*All nominations will be reviewed by the Award committee and the Judges' decision is final.

Star Golden Hearts Award

Connecting communities through volunteerism

KUALA LUMPUR: To walk the talk, Yayasan Gamuda volunteers have stepped in to help run Kedai Jalanan, the street store for the homeless and urban poor which won the Star-Gamuda Inspiration Award and the Star Golden Hearts Award last year.

Helping hand: The homeless and urban poor browsing through the clothes at Kedai Jalanan, assisted by Yayasan Gamuda volunteers.
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More than just feeding the homeless

A DECADE ago, Justin Cheah was living a contented life with a steady job, good career prospects and no commitments to tie him down.

Cheah also helps the homeless and underprivileged by getting them to sew quilts and blankets and upcycle old T-shirts into rugs and handbags. These items are then sold to help supplement their income. — Art Chen/The Star

Not losing sight of those in need

IT WAS the little things Sophia Victor Feizal did, such as chatting with the elderly and serving drinks, that eased patients’ long wait while waiting to get their eyes checked.

The vision screening programme focuses on on early detection and prevention of vision impairment among young children.

For the love of teaching

IMAGINE the torment of having a lot to say but not being able to say them properly.

Ajar-Ajar Malaysia aims to provide a two-way learning opportunity for children and their teachers or mentors.

A soft spot for single mums and kids

HAVING been a single mother herself, Noelle Nah understands the hardships that single mothers go through.

Volunteers arranging clothes to be sold to single mothers at the Mermaid Market.

Teh achieves his noble quest

IPOH: A wedding planner for almost a decade, Jacqie Teh decided that opening a restaurant employing the deaf and mute was his higher calling.

A good sign: Teh communicating with his deaf and mute staff using sign language.

Getting her patients back on their feet

FORMER nurse S. Gnanasuntharavalli has found her passion in providing free foot care services to diabetic patients.

Gnanam (standing) addressing patients before they go through the various tests.

Devoted to saving children from life on the streets

SPORTING a pixie haircut and a bright smile, Ananti Rajasingam walks through the halls of Yayasan Chow Kit in Kuala Lumpur like a mother on a mission.

Ananti watching over her young charges seeking a safe environment at the foundation. — Photos: LOW BOON TAT/The Star

‘Red Jacket Rider’ to the rescue

PETALING JAYA: Would you lend your motorcycle to a stranger you met on the highway? Muhamad Israq Esdizul, the man with the moniker Abang Baju Merah, would – without hesitation.

Biker buddies: Fathul Wafi (right) thanking Muhamad Israq during a meet-up in Shah Alam.

Awesome way to repurpose medals

It all started with having collected too many medals over the years from various running events, a problem faced by avid runners.