Brown rice and wholemeal bread are actually examples of whole grains and its products, which contain more nutrients and dietary fibre compared with refined or processed grains such as white rice and white bread.

Making the most of whole grain

10 August 2014

Whole grains are considered the healthier option when it comes to grains. Here are some tips to maximise its benefits.

Instant noodles are usually made out of wheat or tapioca flour, vegetable or palm oil extracts, and salt with added food conditioners, while the soup pack usually contains salt, sugar mixed spices, soya sauce and flavour enchancers. - AFP

For the love of instant noodles

3 August 2014

Instant noodles are delicious and cheap, but just how nutritious are they?

Palm oil is a naturally stable plant oil that can remain stable at frying temperatures of between 160°C and 200°C. – Filepic

Debunking the common myths about palm oil

27 July 2014

In this article, we attempt to answer some questions about palm oil by looking at some of the common myths surrounding it.

The truth about caffeine and pregnancy

20 July 2014

Should a baby bump stand in your way of enjoying a daily cup of coffee?

Energy bars are very convenient sources of energy, especially for athletes during competition.

Energy bars vs well-balanced meals: There's only one winner

13 July 2014

Energy bars are convenient sources of energy, not replacements for well-balanced meals.

We should be careful with the sugar, milk and creamer we put in our coffee, as they may mean extra sugar and calories. – Filepic

A glorious cuppa

6 July 2014

Is coffee a guilty pleasure or an enjoyable addition to a healthy diet?

The calcium-fat dilemma in milk

29 June 2014

Does the fat content in milk have anything to do with its calcium content?

Grains form the base of food guide pyramids worldwide, together with vegetables and fruits. -filepic

A grain of nutrition

22 June 2014

Grains are essential components of our diet and there are many types of grains to choose from. However, not all grains are made the same.

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