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Four types of data users we all know and love – which one are you?



Did you know that when the Internet was first invented, it was intended for military use? It was only in the 1990s that the Internet was opened up for public use.  

We have since come a long way. Once, we were bound to desktop computers to browse the Internet but mobile data was later introduced and took off. Today, many of us have the Internet at the tip of our fingertips.  

The average person of today uses the Internet for many reasons ranging from entertainment to education to business, and we’re especially addicted to accessing it from our smartphones.  

With the amount of time many of us spend accessing the Web from our phones, it’s evident that data is crucial in helping us stay connected while we’re out and about.  

There are many different types of data users lurking on the Web. Some of the most common uses are streaming music, watching videos, working or browsing social media. Which of those do you find yourself doing most? Take a quiz to find out which user you are. 

Did you see that new video? 

From the cutest cat videos to the hilarious viral videos, video lovers have watched it all. They’re not restricted to the short and sweet videos too – they can also be found binging on Netflix or sitting down for a movie marathon on Friday nights. 

A video enthusiast’s phone is full of video streaming services like YouTube’s wide assortment of random videos or Netflix’s library of TV series and movies. 

They love streaming videos, but do they have enough data to feed their hobby? Streaming videos requires a lot of data, so it’s essential to find a suitable data plan. To avoid the restriction of data quotas, video lovers should invest in a plan with unlimited data so they’ll never have to worry about running out. 

Eat, sleep, breathe, music 

In your circle of friends, there’s at least one person who’s really into music. From the indie band lovers to the hardcore rockers, these musicophiles make their love for music known. 

You’ll often find musicophiles gushing about their favourite songs or listening to them on apps like Spotify or JOOX. There are even musicophiles who love streaming music videos 24/7.  

Most of their time spent online revolves around discovering new bands to sharing their favourite music videos. To maintain their lifestyle, an unlimited data plan is much needed as streaming music can take a toll on one’s data allowance. 

Social media is your life 

Another common type of Internet users is the social butterfly. Social butterflies utilise all the different social media networks as a record of their day-to-day activities. Want to know what they had for lunch? It’s probably already up on their Instagram and their Instagram Stories. 

Social butterflies maintain accounts on several social media platforms and are consistently keeping them updated.  

These social butterflies hardly go a day without broadcasting their daily activities on their Instagram stories. Their other hobbies include getting inspiration from makeup or workout tutorials on Instagram or YouTube. 

With a constantly busy social life, social butterflies use a lot of data on the go. They understand the importance of having plenty of data to see to their need. When a friend is in need of data, social butterflies are more than happy to help with their hotspot. 

Hard work is thy middle name 

Work, work, work. That’s what a majority of workaholics use the Internet for. These go-getters are full of energy and drive to succeed in their career. They view their phones as tools to help them stay connected to work while out of the office. 

These workaholics are always out and about, making sure to look out for opportunities, new trends or business ideas that can help them with their work. Many workaholics spend time watching the latest developments in their industries or business videos to get inspiration for their day-to-day work life.  

Whether it’s over phone calls or e-mails, it’s crucial for workaholics to stay connected to their work. While it may not seem like it, workaholics are heavy data users too. They rely heavily on data to stay informed while out of the office. 

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