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Seven reasons to get an iPhone now

By getting the iPhone (PRODUCT)RED, you will be contributing to a worthy cause. — Apple

By getting the iPhone (PRODUCT)RED, you will be contributing to a worthy cause. — Apple

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus arrived on our shores a few months ago but they are still two of the best smartphones to get.

Not only do they feature cutting edge tech but you get to pick from over two million apps on the Apple App Store, making them the perfect tools for professionals, students and just about anyone. 

If you are still sitting on the fence then we give you seven reasons why you need to get your hands on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus now.

1. Get it in RED

If you have yet to get your hands on an iPhone 7/7 Plus yet, now is the perfect opportunity to do so as you can grab the device in the special (PRODUCT)RED edition.

The (PRODUCT)RED version of the iPhone introduced in late March is likely going to be the most unique iPhone users can purchase, at least for now.

While this version of the iPhone is priced the same as a regular iPhone 7/7 Plus, every purchase of the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone contributes to the Global Fund to fight HIV and AIDS.

So you wouldn’t just be getting a top-end device, you’d also be contributing to a worthy cause.

2. Two is better than one

Apple’s new dual camera setup is exclusive to the iPhone 7/7 Plus, and allows users to take superb portrait photos.— Apple

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with a longer battery life and bigger screen size but the most amazing feature yet is the dual camera setup.

The iPhone 7 Plus features an f/1.8, 28mm wide-angle lens and an f/2.6 aperture 56mm telephoto lens on the back, allowing users to zoom in on their subject. The lenses are also optically stabilised so you don’t have to worry if you have shaky hands.

Apple has also taken the dual lens setup a step further by allowing you to shoot photos with the popular bokeh effect where you get the subject in focus but the backgrounds are nicely blurred out, a feature previously only available on DSLR and digital cameras.

3. Home button

With the iPhone 7 the usual home button has been replaced with a virtual button with haptic feedback which can be customised (so your finger feels like it’s still pressing a real button). This virtual button adds a new interactive experience to your iPhone as the haptic feedback comes into play during other events in your phone, such as refreshing your Facebook feed or pulling down your notification center.

It also eliminates the possibility of a physical home button giving up on users.

4. Water resistant

The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus also has great news for users prone to butter fingers. Dropping your phone into water will not be a cause for worry thanks to the new IP67 rating.

What exactly does the IP67 mean? The number six on the first digit indicates that it is totally protected against dust, while the seven on the second digit means that it is protected from immersion in water between depths of 15cm and 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

5. Tax incentives

You are eligible for a tax rebate when you buy a smartphone. —

From 2017, spending your hard earned cash on a smartphone like the iPhone 7/7 Plus could actually get you cash back, thanks to the lifestyle tax relief announced in Malaysia’s Budget 2017 speech.

The lifestyle tax relief of RM2,500 annually covers items such as purchase of printed newspapers, gymnasium membership fees and Internet subscriptions, as well as smartphones and tablets, and you can use the savings to get even more gadgets.

6. Stereo speakers

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus now feature stereo speakers which are 50% louder than the previous models. You can now enjoy sharing videos with your friends without having to cup the speakers with your hand. 

7. Zero Interest Installment Plan

Let’s face it – a device like the iPhone 7 is not cheap but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get one.

U Mobile’s UPackage plan gives everyone a chance to own the latest iPhone 7 at RM88 per month and the iPhone 7 Plus for RM108 per month for the first 12 months with no interest or deposit required.

Along with the device installment plan, UPackage comes bundled with a monthly postpaid plan for you to enjoy with your new iPhone.

Users can choose between the i90 and i130 iPlans.

Both plans come with free unlimited data for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (App-Onz), music streaming (Music-Onz) and Waze.

Additionally, the i90 comes with with 7GB for video streaming while the i130 comes with unlimited data for video streaming (Video-Onz).

Both plans come with unlimited calls (Call-Onz). For more information on Upackage, click here.

This article is brought to you by U Mobile.

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