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Thursday February 3, 2011

CATS FM to popularise Pantun Sarawak among youths        

AFTER an absence of two years, CATS FM hit programme Pantun Sarawak (Sarawak poem) is back with a difference.

The new Pantun Sarawak will infuse another unique part of the Sarawak culture - bergendang. In general, bermukun is an activity of exchanging pantun, which in this case is being sung. Berpantun or bermukun is slowly becoming a forgotten culture among the young as the activity is only confined to the older generation in kampungs and the rural areas.

Berpantun is a uniquely Sarawakian art, not confined to Malays, as many other ethnic groups also share this culture. It’s a form of entertainment which must be preserved for generations to come.

Pantun Sarawak hopes to bring back the glory days of berpantun and to popularise the event among the younger generation and urbanites.

The original Pantun Sarawak programme has received tremendous response and feedback from CATS FM listeners who are largely youths since its return to the airwaves on Jan 3.

Pantun Sarawak is aired every Friday from 9.30pm-11pm, with presenters Cassie and Wan. The new Pantun Sarawak also features two characters Mak Anjang and Pak Anjang who will share their pantun with the listeners.

Listeners can participate in the berpantun by calling Cassie and Wan at 082-445993/442993. They can send their pantun via CATS FM’s Facebook at Catsfm Interaktif.


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