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Tuesday February 7, 2012

Company places nutrition priority in cooking show

COOKERY shows have become one of the most ubiquitous type of reality television shows on our screens.

With the rise of this trend, it is no wonder that Astro Ria and Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd have joined forces to bring us a cookery show with a new concept — Dumex Chef Cilik Komplete Nutri.

Chef Cilik promises to be a fun and educational parent-child cooking competition that will focus on the nutrition content of the dishes prepared, rather than the technicalities that shows like Junior Master Chef are based on.

Each episode will consist of four segments.

Healthy eating: (From left) Vanidah Imran, Chef Andri and Dumex nutritionist Norazah Mohd Sidi with the jackfruit smoothie and salad.

The first is centred on finding the right ingredients, followed by the second segment where the teams prepare dishes based on the pre-determined theme.

In the next segment, chef Andri will prepare signature dishes rich in nutrition for young children.

Finally, in the fourth segment, teams will have to create dishes based on a different pre-determined theme.

The 13-episode programme will see 27 parent-child teams battling in the first nine episodes to qualify for the semi-finals.

The team that wins the grand prize will take home RM20,000, followed by RM15,000 for the team that wins second place and RM10,000 for the third place.

Chef Cilik will be hosted by Malaysian celebrity Vanidah Imran, and will feature chef Andri Abdul Hadi, Dumex nutritionist Nor’azah Mohd Sidi and a different celebrity guest every week such as Dynas Mokhtar, Ako Mustapha and Maria Farida as judges.

The judging will be done based on creativity, teamwork and conformity with the Komplete Nutri plate.

The Komplete Nutri plate is a portion plate designed for growing children, based on the food pyramid and their nutritional requirements.

The food prepared in the show will be simple, easy-to-prepare dishes, able to be prepared by children and adults alike with basic ingredients that are easily available.

“Through Dumex Chef Cilik Komplete Nutri, we want to encourage Malaysians to adopt healthier eating habits.

“This programme will show that there doesn’t have to be a trade-off between taste and nutrition,” said the company’s managing director Toni Brendish.

Chef Cilik will be on air from Feb 13, every Monday at 10pm on Astro Ria.


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