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Tuesday March 8, 2011

Residents confused over gated and guarded community guidelines

THE Selangor government should not keep residents in the dark on the gated and guarded community guidelines.

Selangor MCA Public Complaints Bureau chief Datuk Theng Bok said the Local Government and Housing Ministry had passed a set of guidelines in September last year.

He added that separate guidelines by the Selangor government would only confuse the people because there was no enforcement by the local authorities.

“The ministry guidelines states that a gated and guarded system should have the consent of 51% of the residents while it is 85% under state government rules.

“Residents are confused over the two sets of guidelines,” he said, citing the case of fire victims, who could not be saved due to a locked boom gate in Taman Sri Sinar, Kepong, last month.

Confusion arises: (from left) Selangor MCA secretary Wong Koon Mun, Theng, Selangor MCA Public Complaints Bureau legal adviser Datuk C.K Lim and Selangor MCA Public Complaints Bureau deputy chief Calvin Chong showing the guidelines during the press conference.

Annie Ong Yen Lee, 33, and daughter Artina Loke Xin Yu were found dead by firemen, who went to the scene at 6.11am.

“In such cases, when the victim’s family want to sue someone, they will have to sue the chairman, secretary or treasurer of the residents’ association because an association has no legal entity.

Theng also urged all businessmen to be vary when dealing with companies from China involved in online trade.

Citing a case by BT Chemicals Sdn Bhd, he said the company bought chemicals used for textile production worth RM45,000 from a Chinese company called Tianjin Zhon-TianKexin Chemicals Co. Ltd.

“The company had ordered 18,400kg of the chemical in December and paid the amount full only to discover that the product was not according to the specification.

“When the company engaged an independent surveyor, it confirmed that the product was 98.7% water.

“They tried calling the company but they were told to call back after the Chinese New Year and further calls had no response, and even the website has been taken off the Internet,” he said.

Theng said the company had filed a complaint with the China embassy but they dismissed it as a commercial dispute.

“We want to warn other businessmen and we also want the China embassy to start investigation on the case in China. It is clearly a criminal case,” he added.


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