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Monday February 21, 2011

Subang Industrial Park USJ 1 factory owners to get individual titles soon

THE long outstanding matter over the issuance of individual titles for factory owners in Subang Industrial Park USJ 1 is finally seeing some light.

These owners have been waiting for their titles for about 18 years after the area was fully developed with the factories back in 1994.

However, the issue had dragged on with no progress. It was not until October 2008 that the Selangor state government approved the developer’s application on the issuance of titles back to the individual owners, said Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh.

In a meeting with the factory owners held at the SS15 multi-purpose hall recently, Yeoh gave updates on the status of the subdivision of titles for the factory units which were categorised under four different master titles — namely PT11051, PT11052, PT19639 and PT27731.

Wait is over: The factory owners of Subang Industrial Park voicing their concerns and feedback over the issue.

Also present were Petaling district officer Datuk Zulkepli Ahmad and the Subang Industrial Park Factory Owners Association pro-tem chairman Loh Foo along with committee members.

Yeoh said for the master titles of PT11051 and PT11052, developer Ultramine Sdn Bhd had fully paid up all premiums to the state.

“I was also informed by the developer that the owners here will be receiving their titles very soon subject to payment of some outstanding bills.

“In addition, all outstanding quit rent has also been paid up as confirmed by the land office,” said Yeoh.

Zulkepli said about 100 of the individual titles will be first subdivided out under the developer’s name as it is the landowner, after which the developer has to carry out the transfer process to register the titles under the individual names of each owner.

“The transfer of names will involve filling up of Form 14a with the normal legal fees and stamp duty,” he said.

While the due process for both these two master titles were set to forge ahead, Yeoh said the only problem now lies with the remaining two master titles of PT19639 and PT27731.

She said the timeline for the developer to pay up the oustanding premium owing had lapsed as the premium amounting to RM5.8mil is an additional premium to be paid based on the lease extension.

The titles are for a 99-year lease and because of the delay in the subdivision of the individual titles, the 99 years will be reissued to the individual owners in the new grant registration that will expire at a new date from its new issuance.

“I’ve met up with the developer already who told me they are agreeable to pay the premium if it can be capped at RM5.8mil.

“Because of this, I’m seeking a meeting with Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to try and convince him to stick with the premium amount,” said Yeoh.

Zulkepli confirmed that the quit rent charges for these two master titles have been paid up until last year.

He said if the RM5.8mil premium is not paid up, these two master titles will then remain as so and the owners who fall under both these titles will not be able to receive their individual titles.

He also clarified that only the developer is duty-bound to pay quit rent charges until the day the individual titles have been issued and subdivided to the owners, who will then have to take over the payment.

On some concerns raised by the floor if the PT19639 and PT27731 master titles cannot be subdivided, Zulkepli said the affected owners can place their caveats on the land to protect their rights.

The factory owners’ pro-tem chairman Loh Foo said their association has been registered since Nov 25 last year and urged more factory owners at the Subang Industrial Park to join them for a bigger voice and where any further problems in future can be collectively sorted out.

“Many of us has been waiting for so long, and we hope the issuance of individual titles can proceed soon as it will impact on the value of our property too,” said Loh.


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