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Sunday September 30, 2012

Smartphone rebate a dream come true for many youngsters

Amirul: Phone
rebate is timely. Amirul: Phone rebate is timely.

PETALING JAYA: For Amirul Ruslan, 22, the RM200 smartphone rebate came at the right time.

“I’ve been wanting to buy a smartphone as currently, I’m using an old-school mobile phone,” said the news editor.

He said he did have one but he gave it to his father.

“As much as I like my current phone, I need a smartphone to check my work-related e-mail on the spot,” said Amirul, who is planning to get a Samsung Galaxy S3.

He was responding to the RM200 one-off rebate for a 3G smartphone for those aged 21 to 30 with a monthly income of RM3,000 and below as announced in the Budget 2013.

Yeoh: Planning to
get a smartphone. Yeoh: Planning to get a smartphone.

Postgraduate student Ahmad Fai­sal Fadzil, 24, said the rebate would be easy on peoples’ pockets.

“I’ve been itching to get an iPhone 5 since my current smartphone is not functioning well. So the announ­cement was rather nice.

“Hopefully, the Government will give us the option of downloading the application forms or even apply at places that sell the phones,” he said.

Strategic planner Yeoh Yen Chow, 21, said she has always wanted to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

“I’m using my boyfriend’s smartphone temporarily and I’ve been thinking of getting one for myself,” she said.

Yeoh hoped the process of getting the rebate would be as easy as getting the RM200 1Malaysia book voucher for university students.

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