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Thursday June 20, 2013

Missing rice seller’s regular customer prays for him

LAST year, church helper Josephine Tan (pic) prayed for the body of Jacob Issac Fletcher, who drowned at the Teluk Bahang Dam, to be found and her prayers were answered.

This time around, she had hoped that the same miracle would work on economy rice seller Lim Chin Aik, 44, who is believed to be buried 7m in a crater following the collapse of a lightning arrester from Menara Umno after a freak storm last Thursday.

Spotted in a white blouse and brown knee-length skirt a few metres away from the crater in Jalan Macalister, Tan was seen clasping her hands and closing her eyes as she recited her prayers in silence.

“I hope the body will somehow surface. I’m not sure how but I can only pray for the best.

“I made a promise to come here,” said the 62-year-old well-wisher when met at the scene on Tuesday .

Tan, who hails from Pulau Tikus, is familiar with the storm victim and his wife Lee Chai Song, 48, as she regularly patronises their stall located in Lengkok Moulmein.

“I love their fish head curry. They were kind and very happy together.

“This is just too sad. I’m planning to sprinkle some holy water on the site,” she said.

“I pray they will find some of his bones or his body.

“That way, his wife and children can get a peace of mind. At least they will get some closure like how Jacob’s family did,” she said.

On Dec 9 last year, hotel management student Jacob, 19, who was a starting point official during the Pesta Penang Dragon Boat Race, went missing and was believed to have drowned in the Teluk Bahang Dam. His body was recovered three days later.


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