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Saturday May 4, 2013

GE13: Kota Raja BN candidate upset over poor living conditions

What a mess!: Murugesan visit the flats in Shah Alam. What a mess!: Murugesan visit the flats in Shah Alam.

WHEN Kota Raja Barisan Nasional candidate S. Murugesan visited the Sri Era Apartments in Shah Alam, he was shocked by what he saw.

“The rooms where the water tanks were kept for the four blocks of apartments were filled with pigeon droppings.

“The tanks were also not covered and the water was obviously contaminated with the droppings as well,” said Murugesan when met at the site.

He added that besides having to use polluted water, the residents in one of the blocks, which had eight floors, had to use the stairs as the lifts were not working.

“Old people and children have been taking the stairs for the last seven months since the lifts stopped working,” said a visibly upset Murugesan.

However, the priority, he added, was to help the residents get clean water.

“For a start, we will repair four of the 14 water tanks and I hope some contractors will help the residents with the water tanks as well,” said Murugesan.

He added that the tanks would have to be covered to keep pigeon droppings from getting into the water.

Resident Mathavi Selvam, 29, said the water was at times brown in colour with particles in it.

“Sometimes, the water from our taps is dirty and there have been times when pieces of feathers came out with the water,” said Mathavi, who has been living at the apartments for the past eight years.

Another resident, R. Selvarani, said the apartments were in such a deplorable state in spite of them paying a maintenance fee of RM35 every month.

Murugesan said he would do his best to help the residents, who were mostly from the lower-income group, as no one should be allowed to live in such poor conditions.

Exposure to pigeon droppings can cause a form of lung infection called cryptococcosis caused by the fungus found in accumulated droppings.

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