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Monday May 13, 2013

Masing: Be thankful that Pakatan did not make it to Putrajaya

KUCHING: The people should be thankful that Barisan Nasional was returned to power in the 13th general election rather than Pakatan Rakyat, PRS president Tan Sri James Masing said.

He said the opposition coalition would only end up quarrelling over the Prime Minister’s post had they made it to Putrajaya.

“We should thank our lucky stars that Pakatan didn’t make it to Putrajaya, otherwise PKR, PAS and DAP will be fighting and arguing until they turn blue as to who should be the prime minister. The bickering over the Selangor MB’s post is a case in point,” Masing said in a statement yesterday.

He was referring to the delay in appointing Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as the Selangor mentri besar and the jostling within PKR for the post.

Masing also believed that Pakatan had no real agenda to govern Malaysia except to throw out Barisan and control Putrajaya.

“Malaysians by now should be wise to the fact that Pakatan leaders are a power-greedy lot who believe in the notion that the ends justify the means. They want to win Putrajaya at any cost and by whatever means,” he added.

In the May 5 polls, Barisan won 133 seats to form the government with a simple majority over Pakatan’s 89 seats. However, the ruling coalition lost the popular vote 47% to 51% in favour of Pakatan.

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has refused to accept the election results, claiming widespread fraud. Pakatan had organised rallies in Kelana Jaya and Penang to protest the results.


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