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Saturday May 11, 2013

Drunk snips off his sex organ in a fit of rage

IN A fit of anger following a quarrel with his girlfriend, a drunken man cut off his penis and testicles with a pair of scissors.

The 46-year-old man from Jilong city in Taiwan then flushed his severed organ down the toilet bowl, Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported.

His girlfriend, whose name and age was not known, could only watch him commit the act in horror. She rushed the man, who was bleeding profusely by then, to a hospital.

The report said that after the cut, there was only 3cm of the man's penis that remained.

However, he could still urinate.

After regaining consciousness, the man could not believe what he did.

He freaked out and screamed while his girlfriend was seen praying with her hands clasped outside.

> The daily also reported that a 59-year-old mother took her own life after giving money for the last time to her jobless son.

It said that her unemployed 37-year-old son, a drug addict, had been asking money from her often.

On Wednesday night, he threatened to kill himself if he was not given NT$80,000 (RM8,000) from his mother, a factory janitor.

She gave him NT$40,000 (RM4,000) and then stabbed herself.

The son, after learning of his mother's death, sobbed uncontrobally at the police station.

> Guang Ming Daily reported that a 15-year-old boy was molested by a man who posed as a police officer.

The 5.30pm incident on Tuesday took place in Rawang when the teenager was stopped by the man after withdrawing money at a bank.

The man claimed that the teenager had behaved suspiciously and asked to examine his backpack.

He then ordered the teenager to follow him on his motorcycle to the police station for a urine test.

However, the man took the boy to a secluded area and told him to take off his pants, threatening to arrest him if he did not oblige.

Afraid and helpless, the teenager pulled down his pants and the man fondled his private parts for several minutes before abandoning him by the roadside.

Ashamed and angry, the teenager lodged a police report, accompanied by his family members, at the Gombak police station.

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