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Sunday April 28, 2013

It was crystal clear

Clairvoyant: Crystal ball reader Kerry Sees from Melbourne says her paranormal talents were
discovered while she was in her teens and manifested more strongly in her 20s and 30s. Clairvoyant: Crystal ball reader Kerry Sees from Melbourne says her paranormal talents were discovered while she was in her teens and manifested more strongly in her 20s and 30s.

A visit to a clairvoyant in Melbourne results in a happy revelation for our columnist.

USING a crystal ball to read your past, present and future may be less common here, but it is a powerful medium for those seeking answers about life and wanting to clear up ambiguity.

The technique of crystal gazing is an ancient science and it continues to produce results particularly to forecast the future and provide solutions to current problems and situations one may be experiencing.

Some view the method of reading with amusement while others have even questioned its accuracy.

Crystal gazing, however, continues to play a vital role in decision-making for many who are seeking guidance on important events in their life.

Last weekend, I had a special meeting with Australia’s renowned clairvoyant Kerry Sees, 47, who uses the crystal ball in her mediumship in Melbourne.

My meeting with her at the Conscious Living Expo was unusual because I have been yearning to meet a hereditary expert like Sees for a long time.

Sitting before a large, clear quartz crystal ball mounted on a stand, Sees immediately started touching the crystal ball with her hands the moment I sat before her.

After a few seconds, she asked for my name and zodiac sign (following Western astrology), and began her reading about my past.

Without any premeditated effort, she moved on to talk about my family and my present. She was spot-on when it came to several aspects of my life, similar to the readings done by several Indian astrologers in the past.

Using a deep focus and concentration, as though she was in a trance, Sees went on to forecast my future.

She paused, her smile vanished and in her deep voice she said: “I can see an angel standing beside you and I think she is your departed grandmother. She is guiding you.”

I had goosebumps on my body when she said that and I started looking around to feel the connection.

“I am working with your energy and nothing else. The crystal ball provides the link to interpret the messages I am getting,” she said.

I did not see any images appearing in the transparent, shiny crystal ball and the interior was clear.

According to Sees, a psychic would be able to see and interpret the images on the ball but as a client, I would only benefit from receiving the reading.

I noticed her tossing the ball frequently to facilitate her reading.

Sees claimed that her unique gift was passed on by her mother, Margaret Rhodes, who was a psychic.

Her mother first discovered Sees’ paranormal talents when she was 16. She was found sitting on her bed early one morning and engaging in conversation with two men known as Dave and John.

Checks revealed that the men were both dead and had once owned the land upon which the house she lived in was built.

At that moment, her mother knew her daughter possessed strong psychic abilities.

Sees said that the voices she hears, the energy she feels and the focus she gets began manifesting themselves in her 20s and 30s.

According to her, such skills are a gift and cannot be taught.

Owing to her special talent, she even gets clients who want her to “channel and communicate” with deceased family members and friends.

“In simple terms, the spirit comes through me and their messages are communicated by me.

“My ability is to interpret both the energy, voices I hear from external, often extra-sensory sources, to provide me with an insight into the lives of people,” she says.

Practitioners in the metaphysical field view the crystal ball reader as an individual with supernatural insight, the visions surfacing from the subconscious mind of the crystal gazer.

For me it was an inspiring and cheerful experience because Sees was positive and motivational in her reading about me.

I returned feeling happier and lighter after discovering that my grandmother is my guardian angel.

T. Selva, chief news editor at The Star, is the author of the Vasthu Sastra Guide and is the first disciple of 7th generation Vasthu Sastra master Yuvaraj Sowma from Chennai, India. Selva provides tips on Vasthu Sastra on RTM’s TRAXX fm at 11.15am on the last Friday of every month. You can follow him on twitter at @tselvas and write to him at tselvas@thestar.com.my. This column appears on the last Sunday of every month.

The Star does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, usefulness, fitness for any particular purpose or other assurances as to the opinions and views expressed in this column. The Star disclaims all responsibility for any losses suffered directly or indirectly arising from reliance on such opinions and views.


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