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Saturday April 27, 2013

GE13: Love is definitely in the air for Frankie

BARELY a week ago, Bukit Bintang Barisan Nasional candidate Frankie Gan was virtually unknown to Malaysian voters and even the launch of his music video went almost unnoticed.

Since the first YouTube clip of him singing at the close of his first ceramah at Razak Mansion was uploaded last Saturday, other clips of Gan’s singing prowess have started appearing online.

Additionally, Gan also launched his General Election album, which also contains a VCD of his music videos a scant two hours after he filed his papers on Nomination Day.

Now, Gan has become a GE13 meme of sorts, as Malaysians outside the Klang Valley have also picked up on clips of Gan singing, such as the cover of the disco hit Love is In The Air.

The latter features the entire Federal Territory MCA 1Malaysia Task Force team, including the Barisan candidates for Seputeh (Nicole Wong), Bandar Tun Razak (Tan Kok Eng) and Cheras (Steve Teoh), and it managed to garner over 115,000 views since it was uploaded four days ago by Gan’s campaign office.

When contacted, Gan explained that his objective was for the songs to serve as a mood-lightener for Bukit Bintang voters.

“The idea for producing the album was my own. I wanted the voters to relax when they come to my ceramah. This is the most intense general election in years and everybody is feeling pressured, so a little light entertainment would be welcome,” said Gan.

He added that he would not be the first entertainer-turned-politician.

“We already have examples both local and overseas. One such individual is Taiwanese singer Yu Tien, who is now a politician. Then you also have Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger,” he said.

In reply to the derisive comments left on his video uploads, Gan said that there would always be detractors, and such comments were inevitable.

“But, in the constituency so far, I have received a lot of support and some people have even asked for my autograph.

Bukit Bintang incumbent Fong Kui Lun on the other hand, said this was the first time in his 20-odd years in politics that he had seen a candidate singing to woo voters.

“This is a serious matter, choosing your elected representative for the next five years. I have never seen anything like this,” said Fong, just before his ceramah at Brickfield’s Girl Guides Hall the night before.


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