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Saturday April 27, 2013

GE13: Cheras BN candidate to step aside if his pledges are not fulfilled

It’s in black and white: Teoh launching his manifesto at his operations centre in
Taman Midah, Cheras recently. It’s in black and white: Teoh launching his manifesto at his operations centre in Taman Midah, Cheras recently.

CHERAS candidate for Barisan Nasional Teoh Chee Hooi, better known as Steve, has boldly said that he will resign if unable to fulfil the promises in his manifesto when he is elected.

The newcomer, who is contesting in his first general election, launched the manifesto at his operations centre in Taman Midah recently.

In his manifesto, Teoh underlined several key issues in the Cheras constituency, including safety and security, public transportation and Chinese schools. He also highlighted several national issues that he would raise if elected.

“I am making a pledge to the people of Cheras. If I am elected, these are the changes I promise to bring in the next five years,” said Teoh.

“Everything is in black and white. Therefore, the voters can look me up from time to time.”

As safety and security is top of the list, Teoh said he would work closely with the authorities to set up more police stations and beat bases.

However, Teoh said, the people of Cheras also needed to work together to reduce the crime rate.

“Community policing has to be an active initiative. There is crime in all major cities. We must be pro-active and not just condemn the police when something happens,” he said.

“In Bandar Tun Razak, there are several areas with CCTVs. I believe we can do the same for Cheras.”

Teoh also promised to monitor the convenience and effectiveness of public transport in Cheras.

“We are carrying out a survey on link capacity for the Cheras roundabout and we already have a proposal ready for the Kuala Lumpur mayor to consider,” he said.

Another key promise in Teoh’s manifesto is expanding business opportunities for residents.

According to Teoh, there are also several business districts in Cheras that need to be rejuvenated.

If elected, Teoh said he planned to work with industry experts to help revive these commercial areas as a way to elevate the socioeconomic status of the residents.

With more than 80% of voters in the area being Chinese, Cheras also faces issues concerning Chinese schools.

Teoh said some schools were under-utilised while others were overpopulated.

“We need to conduct a comprehensive study on the mobility and migration pattern of the Chinese and propose a better solution for the construction of of Chinese schools than the current population ratio set by Dong Zong,” he said.

“A community college is also needed in Cheras to provide skills-based training for residents.”

Teoh also pledged to put the people first and not merely tow the party line.

“I want to introduce participatory politics. The people’s representative will act in accordance with the collective decision. This can be done by using opinion polls and we can involve the people every time,” he added.


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