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Friday April 26, 2013

Aspirant vrooms in with mobile hit

EVERYWHERE he goes to campaign these days, Kangar parliamentary candidate Baharuddin Ahmad would turn heads.

Some market-goers even wanted to take pictures of him, or to be exact, the 1972 Volkswagen Beetle that he uses in his campaign.

The white car has stickers of the PAS candidate, and is covered with a brief Pakatan Rakyat manifesto.

Baharuddin, 57, said some had posed with the antique car and later shared it on the social media, and this has helped increase his popularity.

“This is my first time contesting the general election and with this strategy, more and more people are getting to know me,” said the newcomer during his walkabout at a market in Kangar, Perlis, yesterday.

Baharuddin said the idea was in fact initiated by his campaign manager Azizi Hashim, 46, who is the owner of the car.

“I like to collect antique cars and I’m lending one of them to Baharuddin for his campaign,” said the 46-year-old businessman.

Azizi said he sent the car to an advertising company that provided car-wrapping services one week before nomination day on April 20.

Azizi said besides using the car to fetch Baharuddin to his campaign locations, volunteers would also take turn to drive it around the constituency all day long to attract people’s attention.

The Kangar parliamentary seat is a straight fight between Baharuddin and Barisan Nasional first-time candidate Shaharuddin Ismail.


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