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Sunday March 3, 2013

RHB-Mighty Minds Hands-on Challenge Questions


Lower Secondary


After heavy rain, river water can turn muddy or brackish. Yet, it still has the potential to be converted to safe drinking water.

Design an innovative model in either still or a device which can be used by a village woman in a rural area to distil river water and make it drinkable.

List of some of the materials and apparatus provided:

One empty mineral water bottle (1.5L), two plastic containers (rectangular), two plastic containers (round), one transparency film, one paper cup, one black mounting board (51cm x 38cm), one manila card (51cm x 38cm), a length of tubing and one piece black sugar paper.

Upper Secondary


If you put your mind to it, you can come up with more than 100 uses for old newspapers! Among others, you can use it to make hats, sheaths, bounce reflectors, lampshades, handicrafts, kites etc.

With your school’s annual science fair in mind, design an innovative model, using mainly old newspapers to demonstrate or explain a BIOLOGY concept in an interesting way.

List of some of the materials and apparatus provided:

A set of skewers, a portion of plasticine, one black mounting board (51cm x 38cm), one manila card (56cm x 38cm), two sets of backdated newspaper, one coloured board, two pieces origami paper, one paper cup, some string and two types of beans.


Questions for the hands-on challenge are given about two weeks before the state challenge in StarEducate and online at www.thestar.com.my/mightyminds. The items provided are simple, economical and disposable. Since this is a competition, be prepared to be flexible with your innovation because some of the items listed may be removed or replaced. New ones may also be added on.

You are not allowed to bring in any materials or apparatus of your own. On the day of the competition, only the top 10 teams for each category in the Multiple Choice Question Challenge will be eligible. They will be given only ONE hour to build their model in the hands-on challenge.


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