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Wednesday January 9, 2013

Nicol David proves yet again she is numero uno

NICOL David has done it again, winning the World Series Squash Finals in London after bouncing back from a rare defeat at the group stage.

She won an unprecedented 7th World Squash Championship title only recently.

In doing so, she has proven yet again that while she was the hunted, she managed to overcome the stiff opposition.

As she has always said, she remains very focused in preparing very hard to win all her matches and protect her World No 1 ranking.

And she did this with only Liz Irving, her long trusted coach and mentor by her side minus the fanfare of officials and chaperones.

Nicol’s achievement in world squash reveals a whole lot of things – strong determination, single-mindedness, perseverance, plenty of training and being focused.

In beating Laura Massaro on both occasions she has again displayed a superior mind and attitude in winning these hard-fought matches.

Her strength is in her speed, power and endurance and that is the key to her success.

Our national sportsmen would gain much by concentrating on these important areas if they want to excel on the world stage.

Nicol also demonstrated an even stronger side of her personality, that of being a very humble person despite winning so many titles around the world.

She is indeed a very likeable person, feared by her opponents yet loved and respected by all.

She recognises the limits of her staying power but declares that she will work doubly hard to maintain her position in world squash.

She is never arrogant at being No 1 even though she knows her position in world squash, quietly.

Nicol’s qualities truly make her without doubt Malaysia’s Global Sports Ambassador.

She deserves all the encouragement.


Kuala Lumpur


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