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Wednesday September 5, 2012

Penang BA out to score more points

PENANG may be walking tall after retaining a rare double feat at the National Junior Circuit but they are not basking in the glory or resting on their laurels. Instead the Penang Badminton Association (BA) have gone straight to work to unearth new talents.

A new six-court training centre in Bagan Lallang, Butterworth, was set up by the Penang BA with the help of Gosen Co Ltd of Penang to cater specially to promising talents on the mainland.

Penang BA president Dr Koay Ban Hing in confirming this said the OSK-Gosen Training Centre would be used for the young players’ training, and also to scout for new talents.

“This is in additional to the existing one in Bukit Dumbar. Our primary aim of having such a centre is purely to make it easier for our young players to go through the proper training.

“The centre on the island will continue to be utilised, but players from the mainland need not travel all the way to Bukit Dumbar for their training now,” he said after a dinner held in conjunction with the association’s success at the recent National Junior Circuit finals.

Dr Koay said he was confident this would not only encourage the youngsters to put in more training but it would also enable the association to keep tabs of their progress.

Gosen, which has been Penang’s staunchest supporter, is said to have obtained a piece of land in Bagan Lallang to build the training centre.

Former state player Ooi Swee Khoon, who runs his own badminton academy on the mainland, has been entrusted with the task of running the new centre.

Dr Koay said the BA’s dream was to produce another player of Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s calibre but to achieve it, the young players must have the right discipline and attitude.

“Chong Wei was not only disciplined on and off the court but it was his hallmark ‘never say die’ attitude that made him great.

“I’m confident that we have the ability to groom the present players into future stars to serve the coun- try in international meets with the setting up of the new centre,” he added.

But for now, Penang has promising young talent Goh Jin Wei who was instrumental in helping the state to the rare feat of retaining the Most Participants Cup as well as the Best Team Cup at the 100 Plus National Junior Circuit GP finals in Bukit Kiara two months ago.

The 11 year-old SJKC Jit Sin lass, who has been a sensation in the North Zone challenges, again capped her quest in the GP finals of the National Junior Circuit with a grand double when she emerged as the singles and doubles champ.

Her feats, which earned her cash awards totaling RM2,150 from Gosen, easily made her the state’s top earner.

When the Penang BA paid out RM3,340 as a gesture of appreciation to their players, Jin Wei received an additional RM500, and smiled all the way to the bank with RM2,650 in total.


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