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Saturday September 29, 2012

Mixed response to BRIM 2.0 payment

WHILE many were receptive to Budget 2013, the young adults voiced mixed reactions to the announcement of the BR1M 2.0 payment for them.

The BR1M 2.0 provides single unmarried individuals aged 21 and above earning below RM2,000 with a RM250 one-off payment.

Insurance agent Md Nabil Nor Azman, 23, said the move to include those under 21 years old for the scheme proved that the Federal Government would not forsake the youth, especially those still early in their career.

“With the rising cost of living, the aid is timely as most youths within that age are in a transition period between their study life and working life,” said Md Nabil, add- ing that the RM250 may motivate them to progress further in their respective careers.

Student Mable Lim, 22, said the payment would help her not to be so dependant on her parents.

“It is a good move by the government to help us in this age group during challenging times of graduating and looking for jobs,” she said.

However, businessman K. Raghuram, 28, said the scheme would make young people complacent.

“I think the money should instead go to helping those more in need such as the disabled and the hardcore poor,” he said.


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