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Thursday September 27, 2012

Adventurous lass juggles various roles and keeps on smiling

VERA Chang is one busy bee, having to juggle her job as a marketing director while emceeing, modelling and deejaying whenever she has the chance.

The 24-year-old is also currently studying for a degree in business administration at a local university.

Chang also formed the first all-female deejay group called Jewel Union.

Busy, busy,
busy: Chang
wears many hats. Busy, busy, busy: Chang wears many hats.

She confessed that while she liked music, she cannot sing; so working the decks was the next best option.

“When you see someone enjoying the music you play, you enjoy it, too,” Chang said.

Working as a model, be it for events, car shows or in print, after completing secondary school has made her an independent individual.

The down-to-earth beauty is also a determined person.

“I was quite plump and had many pimples when I was in secondary school. I restricted myself to a no-carb diet and managed to shed the weight,” she said.

While some may be envious of her plump lips, she actually hates them!

“When I was in school, I was the target as the kids mocked me about my lips and called me some nasty names,” she said.

Chang described herself as a daring and adventurous person.

“I went on a solo backpacking trip to France when I was 18 with only 1,000 Euros. I also did not know how to speak French except for the word toilette, which means toilet.”

However, this does not mean she takes unnecessary risks as she opted to stay in a room with attached bathroom instead of sharing a common bath for safety reasons.

“I experienced many new things, I travelled from the outskirts, where it was cheaper to stay, to the city daily. That experience taught me to be independent,” the Sagittarian said.

Chang also hopes to bungee jump before she hits 30.

“I planned to do it when I was in Australia earlier this year. However, the site was too far from where I stayed so I opted for sky-diving instead.

“Unfortunately, it rained so it had to be cancelled,” she said.

Chang enjoys diving and has an advanced diver’s certificate.

Chang has also mastered the art of bian lian or face-changing and she can change up to 12 masks.

“An expert can change up to 20 masks. I learned it from a master from China who came to Malaysia to perform.

“It took me three weeks to master the skill,” she said.

You can catch Chang on the silver screen next year as she plays a part in a horror flick.

“I am scared to watch horror movies but it is different acting in one as I will be the one scaring the audience.

“The acting classes I took were beneficial for me as a model as I got to learn different expressions,” she said.


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