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Thursday August 30, 2012

Incinerators at Kg Tunku crematorium still not fixed

THE problem of malfunctioning incinerators at the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) public crematorium in Kampung Tunku remains unresolved despite councillors highlighting the matter at last month’s full board meeting.

MBPJ councillor Chan Chee Kong said following complaints from the public, he had visited the crematorium recently, and found that malfunctioning incinerators had not been fixed.

“Two out of the three incinerators are faulty. One had flames flaring out from the bottom, meaning that only one side of the coffin is being burnt,” he said at the full board meeting yesterday.

MBPJ mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman said the council would look into the matter.

“The council’s community, youth and sports department will look into the matter,” he said.

“Also, I am told that the crematorium was not just used for incinerating corpses but also for incinerating election ballot slips. “This causes particles from the ashes to clog the vents and leads to malfunction,” said Roslan.

He added that another reason for the malfunctioning incinerators could be due to lack of maintenance.

“These machines must be maintained regularly and not only when there is a problem,” he said.

“We realise now that we should have opted for the ‘package-type’ purchase, where the manufacturer not only installs the machines but also services them on a regular basis. We are looking into this avenue to resolve problems at the crematorium,” Roslan said, adding that MBBJ had plans to buy a new incinerator.

Chan said the only functioning incinerator could only handle three corpses a day, whereas with two functioning incinerators, the crematorium could handle five corpses, with the third kept as back-up.

The two malfunctioning incinerators are more than a decade-old, with maintenance bill for the crematorium totalling RM100,000 per annum.

During the full board meeting, it was revealed that the council’s Internal Audit Department had completed investigations into the controversial Petaling Jaya Local Plan 2 (RTPJ2) and submitted its findings to the mayor.

“I will be calling for a special meeting soon to discuss the results, then MBPJ will forward it to the state government,” said Roslan.

He explained that the council would seek the Selangor government’s advice on which plan to use.


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