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Wednesday July 4, 2012

Picking names

Deciding what to name your new baby is a private matter betwen you and your spouse.

NAMING your child should be an easy process. You make a list of names and find one that both you and your spouse/partner agree on. Simple, right?

Not so. Often, couples end up squabbling over names.

Add to that the parents or parents-in-law who insist the child should be named something else altogether or even on the need to consult a numerologist to determine the number of characters, vowels or syllables that a name should have.

The longer you take to decide on a name and the more people you tell about it, the harder it gets because everyone and their uncle have an opinion on what your baby’s name should be.

Yet, there were only two people involved in the conception of the child.

Here are some tips for naming your child:

  • Make a list of names for boys and girls.
  • Do NOT ask family members and friends for suggestions unless you do want a long list to choose from, and lots of meddling.
  • Make sure you and your spouse agree and are firm on the choice of names.
There are more tips and prac­tical advice on naming your babies at the ParenThots website.

Double standards in raising kids

Is it true that double standards exist in raising daughters and sons?

Management consultant and dad Abdul Aziz Hamdan says that outgoing young girls today want to be treated the same way as their brothers and he reckons that it’s all right for girls to enjoy themselves.

“However, they should not be naive or act foolishly when they face the real world. Obviously, girls want to be and should be treated the same way as boys. If my son is allowed to stay out late, then I will also allow my daughter to do likewise,” he says.

Meanwhile, Rahma Daud, a manager, feels it’s important for the girls to do household chores. However, she doesn’t force her son to cook.

“I feel that girls need to be prepared as they will have their own families to care for later,” says Rahma. To read more about what they have to say and to share your opinions, go to ParenThots.

Focus On The Family

What can you do to strengthen the bond of marital love and keep the fires of romance burning in spite of the stresses and strains of parenthood? Focus On The Family provides some practical ideas.

Win Disney Junior goodies

Want to win some Disney Junior and Jake And The Never Land Pirates goodies? Just watch the beach-themed shows on Disney Junior (Astro Ch 613), then fill up the online contest form at ParenThots, and tell us which is your favourite beach-themed show and why.

Puzzle for prize

Do your kids love solving puzzles? ParenThots teams up with educational toys company BRAINet to give parents a chance to win one puzzle each month. Just write in according to the topic of the month. To find out which puzzle is up for grabs this July and what the topic is, go to parenthots.com.


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