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Tuesday June 19, 2012

USJ 13 residents worried about losing field to LRT project

THE Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) is planning to tow away vehicles parked illegally at LRT stations once the Kelana Jaya Line Extension Project is running.

MPSJ deputy president Abdullah Marjunid said the council’s Enforce-ment Department was drafting guidelines to strengthen enforcement measures.

“The spots where illegal parking is expected to be rampant are at pick-up and drop-off areas of the stations, especially those without park-and-ride facilities,” he said.

MPSJ Urban Planning Department director Hazman Mahayuddin said the council would discuss the matter with Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (Prasarana).

“The best way to address illegal parking at the LRT stations would be towing as it has been effective in SS16 near the Empire Shopping Gallery. We may also put up signboards to warn drivers,” said Hazman.

To make way: Local residents are concerned about the green space between USJ 13 and USJ 18, that will be taken away for the construction of a sub-station for Station 9 of the Kelana Jaya LRT Line Extension Project.

The problem of illegal parking at LRT stations was a key concern during two meetings between residents’ representatives, Prasarana and MPSJ.

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, who was present at both sessions, said another issue was the installation of sub-stations for both LRT Stations 9 and 6.

“USJ 13 residents are concerned about how much space will be taken away from a field, which separates USJ 13 and USJ 18, to build a sub-station,” she said.

“Prasarana calculated that about 10% space will be needed. But after a site visit later, the residents requested for a smaller sub-station and Prasarana will draw up a new design in two weeks.

“Meanwhile, SS14 residents said they were unaware about a sub-station that will be built at Jalan SS14/1. Prasarana has been asked to submit the design of the sub-stations to the residents, and also get their feedback on how to beautify the site,” she said.

Kelana Jaya Line Extension Project head Faudzilah Razali said the sub-station and traction power sub-station that would be built in Jalan SS14/1 requires about 600sq m.

Prasarana has agreed to USJ13 residents’s request not to work on Sundays.

“The USJ13 Rukun Tetangga has also requested for the access road from Persiaran Kewajipan to Jalan USJ13/2 be closed and for a guardhouse to be installed,” said Yeoh.

“They will have to submit their application for a gated and guarded scheme and the MPSJ will have to study the feasibility of having the access closed.

“The road closure will affect other residents and the Sekolah Wawasan opposite USJ13,” he said.

While the LRT Station 9 is designed to be a drop-off station with a lay-by space for four buses and four taxis, Faudzilah said its design included parking bays for three Prasarana staff, one for engineering and maintenance and two for the disabled.

Although residents opposed the need for having a motorcycle parking area, Faudzilah said it had been part of the station design but Prasarana would discuss with MPSJ and take measures to prevent cars from using the space.

On complaints by residents affected by piling work around LRT Station 6, Faudzilah said Prasarana had chosen the piling method with the lowest vibration and according to Department of Environment requirements.

Hazman said they had instructed Prasarana to put up additional signage and clearly define the road markings to alert residents and motorists about the change in traffic flow in the area.

Hazman said MPSJ’s Landscaping Department had taken an inventory of trees felled for the project and was identifying suitable locations for its tree-replanting masterplan.

Yeoh also urged residents who had cracks appearing in their houses due to the LRT extension project to lodge complaints with both Prasarana and MPSJ.

Faudzilah said Prasarana was looking into establishing at least one Project Information Centre by next month in the municipality to handle enquiries and complaints on the Kelana Jaya LRT Line Extension Project.


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