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Wednesday May 9, 2012

Easy letter forms to file MPSP complaints

A SEBERANG Prai Municipal councillor has come up with 30 letter templates to make it easier for the public to channel their complaints to the appropriate departments in the council.

Councillor Soon Lip Chee said he came up with the templates to address 30 different issues with the addresses of the relevant departments for the public to forward their complaints to.

“I found many people struggling to write letters of complaints to the council, especially among those who are not so good in the Malay language.

“Many also do not know the appropriate departments to direct their letters to,” he said yesterday.

He said among the common issues were uncollected garbage, uncut grass, clogged drains, broken or missing garbage bins, insufficient car parking lots, faulty street and traffic lights, missing drain and manhole covers and vandalised playground equipment.

Soon said there were also often complaints of stray dogs and cats as well as of pests such as rats, flies and mosquitoes.

“We also receive many com-plaints about dirty restaurants and hawker stalls, illegal factories, noise pollution and dust pollution,” he said.

He said the people could also request for lampposts, speedbreakers or road humps and street lights using the letters.

He said copies of the letters would be made available at the council headquarters in Bandar Perda and at its branch office in Jalan Betek, Bukit Mertajam.

He said copies would also be distributed among Community Security and Development Committees (JKKK), Residents Associations (RA), Rukun Tetangga (RT) and the offices of elected representatives.

Soon said the people could also contact him at 012-4290163 to get copies of the letters.

He said that those who wanted to submit photo attachments with their complaint letters could send them via e-mail to aduan@mpsp.gov.my or call the council at 04-5497 700.


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