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Tuesday May 29, 2012

Sincerity, not money, will win her heart

IT is devastating to lose one’s child to suicide or accident. I agree with Dr Ko Chun Beng (“Doc: my son was in love triangle”The Star, May 26) that money cannot buy everything.

His son Steven, 24, felt dejected and decided to take his life following a failed relationship.

Love is mystical and comes from the heart. To impress a girl and to win her heart is a perplexing pursuit.

Every girl behaves differently and it requires so much effort and patience from the man to convince her that he is her Mr Right. Often money may fail in this perplexing pursuit.

Perhaps I was a bit lucky to have successfully impressed and to marry the girl whom I found attractive and well-mannered a quarter of a century ago.

She was then a young girl and hailed from a conservative and respected family. Naturally many young men in the village were impressed by her qualities and were keen to win her heart.

Among the suitors was a rich man who even went as far as indicating his desire to buy her a house.

Surprisingly, she had rejected him before accepting me, even though I was then a poor man 10 years her senior. My salary then was below four figures. I was renting a room and had no car. I had no money and assets to impress her. All I had was my sincerity.

To those young men out there who are still single, you don’t need to be rich to get a sweet girl to fall in love with you.

However, you need to be sincere, healthy and far-sighted to convince her that you are capable of being a good husband and wise father. As long as you possess such qualities, you will find the right girl to accept you wholeheartedly.

However, allow a relationship to develop slowly. Girls who are mature and wise may wish to take more time to understand their suitors before making any serious commitment.

Rushing into a relationship may often do more harm than good.

And when a relationship fails, you’ll need all your strength to overcome dejection.




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