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Wednesday May 23, 2012

Youth gathering at Kemensah to inspire and motivate visitors

The Subang Jaya Youth Club is holding an eco, music, and art festival called Ecopalooza, at Kemensah, Hulu Kelang, Ampang, Selangor (behind Zoo Negara) on May 26 and 27.

The event seeks to bring together a wide-ranging group of active communities with a variety of initiatives, such as Urban Village Creative Entrepreneur Hub, Ecoknights (organisers of eco film festival), Reef Check Malaysia, Projek Rabak, Dubbers Inc. and Satu: Creative Collective (showcased in the National Gallery) and The Frozen Headbang photographers as their media partners.

“Ecopalooza is a platform for grassroots organisations, youth groups and ad-hoc collectives to present how they have achieved their passions and how others can do the same,” said the event’s founder Hariz Manaf, who is also Subang Jaya Youth Club director.

Creative side: Wani Ardy is a writer and independent singersongwriter. She describes her music as acoustic and lyrical poetry.

The festival hopes to inspire and motivate visitors to play an active role in their community affairs and development, and aims to open the public’s eye to the array of exciting projects run by these communities.

Festival highlights include art installations by artists showcased at the National Gallery, evening concerts by newcomer musicians, graphic design and entrepreneurship workshops, NGO booths and environmental films, a Q&A by a visitor from Occupy Wall Street, and hot springs.

In the run-up to the festival, the use of paper advertising has been prohibited, in line with the eco-friendly mission.

Among the musicians who will be performing at the event are Mohd Jayzuan (and friends), Heart/Bits, Nabil & Ardiv, Wani Ardy, Wendy Wednesday and others.

Hariz has high expectations of the Ecopalooza, “This is organised, run, and planned fully by Malaysian youth.”

Ecopalooza is a breath of fresh air for KL’s congested, concrete landscape, demonstrating that for today’s youth, environmental awareness and social responsibility is the new “cool”.

The Subang Jaya Youth Club seeks to bring together the youth of Subang Jaya and Malaysia as a force of volunteers, providing the opportunity to explore individual potential and benefit the community simultaneously.

For details, browse myecopalooza.org.


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