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Wednesday May 2, 2012

Top-ranked group that promotes balanced life for children

P20 was set up on the business-related social networking site LinkedIn in 2009 by the California-based Marlaine Paulsen Cover, a former broadcast journalist. She started the group to highlight the importance of valuing both academic and life skills competence in children.

Today, P20 is LinkedIn’s top-ranked parenting group consisting of nearly 2,000 members, mostly parents and parenting experts, from over 40 countries.

From Aug 16-18, P20 will hold its first international conference, the P20 Talks Conference, in the United States in San Diego, California, to discuss and promote life skills development. Dr Yvonne Sum will be one of the panellists at the conference, representing Malaysia and Australia.

For more info, go to parenting2pt0.org.


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