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Saturday May 12, 2012

Doc repays parents’ love with honours

HER parents’ noble move to sell a family property to put her through medical school was the best gift ever for Dr Siti Fatimah Zahra Razali.

And in return, the 24-year old from Negri Sembilan, toiled hard and burned the midnight oil to pursue her medical degree.

Her hard work and sheer determination eventually paid off when she emerged as the best Malaysian medical student upon completing the twinning programme with Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) and Allianze University College of Medical Sciences (AUCMS).

Dr Siti Fatimah, who was recently honoured at a Doctors’ Oath-taking ceremony in AUCMS’s main campus in Kepala Batas, north Seberang Prai, said she attributed her success to her parents’ sacrifices.

“My parents sold a piece of land belonging to the family to ensure that my dream of becoming a doctor can be fulfilled.

Well done: Dr Siti Fatimah (middle) looking at her certificate of appreciation with her family (from left) husband Aliffitri Ali Zohor Ali, mum Kholilah Amin, dad Razali Saadan and her younger brother after the Doctors' Oath-taking ceremony in AUCMS' main campus in Kepala Batas, Penang.

“I am extremely grateful for their sacrifices and it is time for me to repay their kind deeds now,” she said.

Dr Siti Fatimah was among 57 graduates who recently completed the programme where the students had their pre-clinical studies for two-and-a-half years in USU, Medan, Indonesia and their clinical studies for two years at AUCMS branch campus in Kangar, Perlis.

Her mother, Kholilah Amin, 49, a secondary school counselling teacher, said it had always been her daughter’s dream to have the title of ‘Dr’ before her name, be it as a medical doctor or as a doctorate (PhD) certificate holder.

Another top student, Dr Nareshraja Janardanan said he had always fancied a career as a medical practitioner since he was young.

“My parents not only inspire me, but they are also the driving force behind my success.

“I have always admired them in their profession,” he said, adding that his dad was an engineer at a medical factory in India while his mother was a medical practitioner herself.

AUCMS president Prof Datuk Dr Zainuddin Wazir said the graduate doctors would serve as housemen in government hospitals.

Also present were USU Medical Faculty Dean Assoc Prof Dr Badrul Akmal Hisham, who is also AUCMS deputy vice-chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) and AUCMS vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Mohamad Abdul Razak.


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