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Saturday April 7, 2012

Second part of Chromeheart staged over the weekend

CATCH Chromeheart: Revela-tion, an epic fantasy stage production produced by City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur (CHCKL) today and tomorrow.

It will be shown at 5pm today and 10am tomorrow at the church located at No.3, Jalan SS13/4, Subang Jaya.

The production is presented by CHCKL under the guidance of senior pastor Rev Kevin Loo and his wife Esther Ku.

It features original and popular music, stunts and large-scale dance choreography involving a cast and crew of about 150 people who are mostly volunteers.

Conceived as a two-part story, Chromeheart: Revelation is the sequel to Chromeheart, which was staged in December last year as part of CHCKL’s Christmas celebration.

Happier times: Irulnites, inhabitants of the mortal realm of Irul-Kim, having a merry moment.

CHCKL recorded an attendance of about 5,000 people over the three days that Chromeheart was staged.

The productions were conceptualised and written by Ku, a trained civil engineer who is now creative director at CHCKL.

“Not everything in life can be expressed so easily in words. Writing a fantasy story gives us the space to imagine and find parallels in our world,” she said.

The production took three months to prepare and became a platform for CHCKL members to showcase their hidden talents and abilities, especially in the areas of sound and lighting, video effects and production, photography, dance choreography, prop-making, stunts, makeup, songwriting and digital marketing.

“We hope to offer a message of hope and love this Easter.

“Following the success of Chromeheart, we expect Chromeheart: Revelation to draw a bigger crowd over the four days,” said Loo.

Heavenly help: Wizard Assaygha emerges from the sky to fight against the Quamoros Beasts.

Fret not if you have not watched the first instalment, there are flashbacks shown over the screen.

The first instalment was about how one generation’s history becomes another generation’s prophecy.

The story takes place in the mortal realm of Irul-Kim, where an overprotected child named Ray-An discovers the meaning of sacrifice.

When Ray-An and his childhood friends Tiqua, Waduda, and Del-ia find themselves caught in an ancient war between the Quamoros Beasts and the Esuirras Warlords, they are faced with difficult choices but only one destiny.

The sequel sees Ray-An return to Irul-Kim, after his vigorous training to become a warrior, only to find that things have changed.

The friends are put through another test as the Quamoros Beasts threaten to shatter their peaceful life once again.

Chromeheart was impressive for a non-commercial production.

You know that they mean business as they actually had a martial arts expert to help choreograph the combat scenes while a stunt professional was hired to assist with the acrobatic stunts.

One could also see the effort gone into the costumes, backdrop, video effects and props.

They even filmed some outdoor scenes to add value to the show.

Admission is free. It was a full house during the Thursday show, so be sure to be there early to get a seat.

For details, visit www.chc.org.my/chromeheart, www.facebook.com/chromeheart.theproduction or call 03-5638 7573/5632 3205.


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