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Monday April 30, 2012

Shameful to abuse book vouchers

AS an international student from Indonesia, I felt envious when I first found out about the Malaysian Government’s 1Malaysia book voucher programme.

It was really something for the Government to make it easier for students, especially the less well-to-do, to purchase textbooks, leisure books, stationary, and other materials necessary for study.

With this sentiment in mind, I cringed when I first heard about local students at my university selling their book vouchers to international students, simply to make a little extra money.

It was bad enough that these students were unappreciative of their government’s efforts, but to take advantage of a charitable programme simply for personal profit is distressing.

Although some bookstores make it compulsory to present an NRIC with every voucher presented, many others (including the one at my university) accept vouchers without any identification whatsoever.

This allows for the continued illegal sale of book vouchers.

I suggest that the Government or bookstores that accept the vouchers, place several restrictions on how the 1Malaysia vouchers can be used.

The best way perhaps is to have the person who is entitled to the voucher to be present during the time of purchase, coupled by showing his/her NRIC.

Another way is of course to increase awareness that selling these vouchers is illegal, to make potential customers as well as potential sellers aware.

Help stop tainting this public-spirited cause with a selfish paint brush for profit.


Subang Jaya.


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