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Monday April 23, 2012

Parenting skills vital

I FOUND “Parenting skills crucial” and “Create awareness of drug abuse”(The Star, April 20) well-written and provide much food for thought. Both writers drive home the important point that the role of good parenting leads to mature, responsible and well-behaved kids.

Since we attained self-rule more than five decades ago, Malaysia has developed and progressed tremendously and is today one of the more modern, advanced, peaceful and properous nations in the world.

However, the pace of progress has had it’s negative side-effects with many social ills and man-problems.

The demands of present day living and lifestyles have weakened our family institutions and eroded our social values with domestic violence, broken families, runaway children, suicides, incest, child abuse, indiscipline, problematic child, and a host of other problems.

Parenting is not a 9-to-5 job, it’s a lifelong commitment and responsibility.

Effective parenting comes with plenty of love, sacrifice, effort, patience and wisdom.

Good and responsible parenting is vital for any family institution and serves as the foundation in producing a happy, successful and harmonious family.

Happy and harmonious families can lead to a stable and progressive society which in turn can serve as a solid foundation in making a strong, peaceful, united and prosperous nation.

Our children are our greatest asset and the nation’s greatest hope and we must take good care of them and nurture them in the best possible way to enable them to take their place in the world.

That is why as responsible parents and guardians we must spend quality time with them.

It is sad but true that many parents, especially in urban areas, are too busy with their businesses, work and other commitments to care for their children and forget the parental love and guidance the children need.

To make up for this, they tend just to satisfy thier sons and daughters materially and entertain their emotions which is bad in the long-term notably for their children’s emotional and spiritual development.

In today’s very complex and material world many young people are lost either to temptation or hatred.

Therefore parents must communicate well with their children to enhance better human relationships.

Parents must know when and how to swallow their pride and learn to listen and interact with their kids.

As head of the family, all parents and elders must lead by example.

Our children follow and learn from us quickly and effectively in our words and deeds either positively or negatively. It is crucial that we not take things for granted.

We also should not compare our young ones with others and expect too much from them academically if they are slow learners while ignoring their emotional, moral, physical and spiritual well-being and needs.

Nurturing good moral character in them is our main duty. What good does it bring if we can only produce intelligent and capable students but lacking humane qualities like compassion, honesty, respect and the heart for others?

Human life is the most sacred and wherever we are and whatever we do, we must protect our human dignity as we owe it not only to ourselves, but to our children, and our children’s children in living life to the fullest and rendering great service to the family, society, nation and the world.




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