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Saturday March 31, 2012

Floods wreak havoc in Klang

A DOWNPOUR coupled with high tide caused widespread flooding in Klang and Port Klang and forced banks and businesses to turn away customers.

Ten schools were forced to cancel classes, including SMK La Salle, SRK Simpang Lima, SM Teknik Batu Unjur, Hin Hua High School, SM Islam Al Farabi, SMK Sungai Udang and SRK Telok Gadong.

Hundreds of families in Kampung Raja Uda, Taman Sri Andalas, Southern Park, Taman Bayu Perdana and Taman Melawis, Taman Sentosa, Taman Sg Ujong, Taman Palm Grove, Padang Jawa and Taman Chi Liung were badly hit as drains overflowed and the water entered houses and shops.

Selangor Civil Defence Depart-ment director Col Ahmad Afandi Mohamad said it started drizzling at 2.15am and half an hour later turned into a downpour.

Wading through: Students of SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah going home after classes were cancelled due to the flash floods.

“At 3.15am, our phone lines were busy with calls from several neighbourhoods. It began with villagers from Kampung Delek, Sungai Udang, Taman Chi Liung and Kampung Raja Uda seeking help as flood waters started entering their homes.

“Our men were dispatched to help the residents move their belongings to higher ground,” he said.

“In some parts of Palm Grove, Taman Chi Liung, Kampung Delek and Kampung Raja Uda, the water level rose to 30cm high.

“The high tide caused a backflow of water via the drains and that worsened the situation,” he said.

He added that the sudden rise in the water level caused reptiles to come out from the drains onto the roads.

“Our men caught nine pythons from Kampung Delek, Kampung Sungai Udang and the town area.

In a mess: Taman Bukit Sentosa, Klang, after the downpour.

“At about 10am, we released the reptiles at the Pulau Indah Forest Reserve upon the advice of the Selangor Wildlife Department officers. But we did not catch the monitor lizards that came out of the drains and bushes,” he said.

Residents in the Jalan Mengkuang area were seen trapping the monitor lizards for the cooking pot.

One man said it was his lucky day as he caught six monitor lizards and would sell the reptiles to the local pubs.

Col Ahmad Afandi said the rain subsided at about 7.30am but caused a traffic crawl in Klang, especially in Persiaran Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Persiaran Seraya and Persiaran Raja Muda Musa heading to Port Klang and Jalan Mengkuang.

Selangor education director Abdullah Mat Yunus confirmed that the 10 Klang schools had to be closed for the day.

Tedious work: Lau Chin Hwa, (right) and Lim Pek Seng scooping out the water after their house in Taman Palm Grove, Klang, was flooded yesterday.

Col Ahmad Affandi said 20 personnel and three officers would help residents clean their homes using water jets.

Palm Grove resident Renuka Kandiah, 37, said water began flowing into her home at 3.30am from the kitchen and it came up to the knee level.

“It is the worst floods in 45 years and our furniture, carpets and clothes were all damaged,” she said.

Helan Mat Said, 44, a Public Bank branch employee in Taman Chi Liung, said the bank was closed as the premises was flooded.

Bank staff were seen cleaning the floor that was covered with mud.

V. Ayasamy, 47, said KTM commuters were stranded as the Teluk Pulai station was flooded.

“I had to drive through the floods to catch the train from the Klang station.” he said.

Khalid Puteh from Jalan Sri Antan 49, said the drain outside his house caved in due to the rain.

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