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Friday March 30, 2012

High electricity bills since change of meters

THE electricity bills of residents in Intan Baiduri flats, Taman Intan Baiduri, Kuala Lumpur, have shot up after a change of meters late last year.

While some residents have 20% to 30% increase in their bills, there are those whose amount have shot up to 100%.

Aluk Anak Langgai, 46, who has been living in the flat for almost 20 years, said her bill for February was RM39.45 and it had shot up to RM102.50 in March.

Yau: My bills had been inconsistent ever since the meter change in December.

The housewife, whose is looking after her stroke-ridden husband, said it was a shocking increase as her electricity consumption had been the same in the two months.

“I cannot afford to pay such a hefty bill as none of us are working. I have three children with the youngest being five years old,” she said during a press conference organised by Selayang MCA parliamentary coordinator Jessie Ooi.

Another resident Yau Kek Heng, 45, said his bills had been inconsistent ever since the meter change in December.

“My bills are usually around RM180 and below RM200, but after the change, it is usually above RM200. During the Chinese New Year, we were not in the premises for a week, yet the bill for that month was RM216.90.

“I don’t know how Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) calculates the usage but the total bill is confusing even when the amount used does not differ much from month to month,” said Yau, who works in a nearby market.

Ooi said she would arrange for a TNB officer to explain the bills and access the situation in the area by next week.

“This is not fair. TNB should have a clear system for the residents to understand,” she said.


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