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Monday March 26, 2012

Nestle charting an incredible journey

Celebrating 100 years of Nestle: It may not be a Malaysian brand, but it sure feels like it’s Made in Malaysia.

IT’S funny how almost every memory of a significant life event is intertwined with mundane objects of daily living, such as a cup of coffee, a pack of instant noodles, or even that Milo van that used to dispense free drinks to us in school.

In conjunction with Nestle’s 100-year anniversary in Malaysia, we look at how the brand has become an integral part of our lives, and the memories it evokes in many of us.

Looking back, it’s quite amazing how many Malaysians relate to products associated with Nestle.

Here, some Malaysians share with us their favourite moments.

Minum Milo anda jadi, sihat dan kuat ... that little melody just won’t go away.

Love for Maggi across the oceans

I remember opening up the care package sent to me by mum while I was studying in Britain. Maggi Chili sauce! I remember telling my American, Swedish and British friends, you have to try this!

I remember the expressions on their faces, and I still laugh remembering those looks. I remember them telling me, ‘Charlene, is your mum sending you another care package soon?’

Mama, I couldn’t have made it through my year in Britain without you and Maggi. Nestle, this story doesn’t just speak of inspiring Malaysians, but even those across the seas. Thank you!Charlene Rayna Sebastian

Best buddy

Koko Krunch is my all time best buddy. I can have it in the morning for breakfast, I can have it as a snack, and I can have it for supper. The best way to have Koko Krunch is with cold Milo. Both are chocolaty. Slurrrrrp!Miyuki Li

We love our Nespray time!

To start my story, let me share a little bit about my family. I come from a “moderate” family, living in a small village with my father, mother and four siblings. I am the eldest child.

My mother and father were busy working when we were small. So, whenever we had free time together, our mother would make us Nespray milk.

Then, we would drink it till the last drop.

Even now, we still have our Nespray time if we gather together. It really brings us closer. Thank you Nestle! We love you so much!Halimahtun Saadiah Binti Mazlan

My first taste of Milo

When I was in kindergarten, mum would always make Milo for me to bring to school. And I always drank it in the van that sent me to kindergarten. Once, I spilled the whole Milo drink on another kid because the van driver braked suddenly, and he cried like mad. LOL!Amanda Cheang

My joyful Milo days

I still remember the taste of the Milo my grandpa used to mix for me. Ahh, how blissful. I remember coming home from school and being welcomed with a warm hug by my grandpa. Soon, a mug of Milo comforted me.

I even ended my day with Milo in my milk bottle. Life was idyllic.

Although my grandpa is not around anymore, I know that Milo will always be around for me. Milo Dinosaur is my current addiction :)Suganya Kanagarethinam Paul

I love Maggi instant noodles

Back in the 1980s, with only my dad working and my mum a full-time housewife, we lived on a very tight budget, and eating outside food was really a luxury.

Once in a blue moon, my dad would surprise us by buying Maggi instant noodles (curry flavour). My mum would then cook the most delicious Maggi soup with eggs, tomatoes and small bits of chicken meat mixed into it. It was really a wonderful treat that I still cherish today. P. Moganaa Perumal

Maggi? Who needs water!

I was a scout in SMDJ, and I was in Form 2. It was our annual offsite camping trip and we were in Templer’s Park. Our campsite was a 45-minute trek. 1993 was an awesome year. We had army camping equipment, including a 12-man tent.

So we lugged our portable beds and tents, and when we reached the site, we were very hungry. Instead of waiting for the water to boil and cook our Maggi, we ripped a pack open, added the powder seasoning, shook it (yep, like a mamee), and my patrol and I hoofed six packs. Who needs water?Weng Wai Koh

Kickstart with Nescafe

When I was in college, my study desk was always cluttered with books, pens, a laptop, papers and what not. However, despite the terrible mess, there was always a designated place for my hot mug of Nescafe.

While most people went to sleep, I would just kickstart my “day” with Nescafe – and work on my assignments, projects and study for exams.

If I look back and think about my college years, Nescafe is the one constant that has not changed, and you know something, it still helps me get through busy nights. Thank you, Nescafe. Sharmila Nair

Milo and my childhood

During my childhood, I still remember vividly that I had to have a cup of Milo before I went to bed. I remember that no matter how it was prepared, whether with sugar, condensed milk, or plain, I just loved the taste. Now I am in 30s, I still love the taste. All I have to say is, Milo is irreplaceable.Romon Chai

Milo truck!

The legendary Milo truck visits are a cherished memory from primary school. Mum at home and the local mamak could never seem to get their Milo to match the creamy, frothy flavour poured from that green van.

I used to wonder if the vans had barrels of Milo inside, using the movement of the vehicle to churn and mix it – otherwise, why did it taste so otherworldly? It’s probably that memory that stops me from trying out other chocolate drinks to this day.Timothy Teoh

Nescafe, my father and me

I was born in 1975, and I already “knew” the Nescafe taste as early as the time I was inside my mother’s womb because my father is Nescafe’s number 1 supporter. I remember he drinks only Nescafe from the time he gets up till the time he sleeps. He is now 77 years old. From him, I have learnt to appreciate Nescafe’s superb taste and aroma. I want to declare that I am a Nescafe diehard fan and only Nescafe exists when it comes to beverages.Ahmad Zamani Zahari

Milo and Coffee-mate

When I was four years old, every night I would love to make myself some Milo before I went to sleep. One day, my brother was making a cup of Milo, but he added Coffee-mate. I was curious, but I didn’t ask why he did that. Anyway, I followed the way he made his Milo.

Since then, that is the way I make my Milo. Till this day, I still do not know why he added Coffee-mate into his Milo. I regretted I never asked why because he passed away two years ago. – Suk Xia Lee

All comments have been extracted from the Nestle 100 years website.


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