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Tuesday March 20, 2012

Stylish cinema beckons the crowds

THERE is a new TGV Club Lounge at TGV Sunway Pyramid, following the recent launch of TGV IMAX and the refurbishment of its Sunway Pyramid Cineplex, which was launched earlier this year.

TGV unveiled its latest addition in the form of Premier Class Halls, known as the TGV Club.

“We knew we had to bring forth changes and enhance the movie-going experience. We are in the business of entertainment and we understand that it is all about engaging the emotional experience of the audience.

Special setting: Staff serving popcorn at the launch of the TGV Club and the screening of Underworld Awakening.

“With that in mind, TGV Cinemas place great emphasis on customer satisfaction,” said TGV Cinemas chief executive officer Kenny Wong.

TGV Club hall has a seating capacity of 120, with 60 seats in each hall. Ticket prices are priced at RM26 per couple seat and RM25 for a normal plush seat.

Even within the club halls, there are tiered seating options and similar to how you choose your seating classes for your flight, customers can now choose either first or business class types of individual seats or the regular seats to suit their preferences.

Saying his bit: Wong speaking to guests at the launching of TGV Club Lounge at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

TGV Club comes with a separate snack counter with menu choices ranging from ice cream, mocktails, pastries, salads, sausages and coffee which allow moviegoers to enjoy them in a premium lounge environment also available within the area.

“Over the last year, we have been listening to the ever changing demands of movie goers. Today, you see the final makeover of TGV Sunway Pyramid, offering a more intimate cinema seating, plush, luxurious seats, along with an exclusive Club Lounge just for club customers, complemented by a special food and beverage menu, topping it off with superior service to offer a completely different TGV experience,” said Wong.


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