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Tuesday February 14, 2012

Developer: Buyers have nothing to worry about

THE developer appointed by the Selangor Government to revive a 15-year-old abandoned low-cost flat project in Seksyen U5 Shah Alam has hit out at “certain quarters” for misleading the buyers.

“Certain parties are spreading stories that the flats are unsafe because the interior of the concrete walls is made of polystyrene,” ECL Management Sdn Bhd director V.K. Regu said.

He said the buyers, who included former squatters from Kampung Bunga Raya, had been told that the polystyrene was the same as that used in packing material.

Better choice: Regu explaining how the polystyrene is used.

“They may be called the same but the polystyrene used in construction is of a different quality.

“It is used widely in developed countries and the local manufacturer — Concrewall Building Systems Sdn Bhd (CBS) — is licensed to manufacture it by an Italian company,” Regu said.

He added that Syarikat Perumahan Negara Malaysia Bhd (SPNB) had also used the building material from CBS for several of its projects.

“The construction system is based on the structuring of modular panels.

“The basic panel consists of a double-layer of high tensile wire netting and an inner layer of insulating polystyrene stitched together in the factory using patented machines,” said Regu.

He explained that when assembled on site and sprayed with concrete, the panels could then be used as partitions, structural walls, floors and even roof slabs

“It is a flexible and versatile system which allows complete design flexibility and easy integration with other building systems,” he added.

Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) planning department senior officer Hamzah Tajuddin said the panels had been tested and certified by authorities throughout the world.

He assured the panels complied with the building by-laws and met government requirements.

“Once the concrete is sprayed onto the panel, it becomes stronger than brick,” he added.

Mazah explained that this method was called the Concrete Wall Building System and the U5 project had been approved by all the relevant authorities, including the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

Regu said the panels were lighter and could be assembled rapidly, making it faster to build than traditional building methods.

“The panels are inexpensive, possess excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties and are resistant to earthquakes,” he explained.

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