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Saturday December 8, 2012

Housewife looking for her biological Chinese parents

<b>Hopeful daughter:</b> Norbai’ah talking to reporters during the press conference held by Lee (right) in Ipoh. Hopeful daughter: Norbai’ah talking to reporters during the press conference held by Lee (right) in Ipoh.


IPOH: A housewife, who was given away to a Malay couple five days after she was born, is looking for her biological Chinese parents. Norbai'ah Mohamed, born Yia Ah Heng in Singapore in 1966, said both her adoptive parents had died and she wanted to meet her real parents.

“I do not know any blood-related kin. I hope to meet my real parents or siblings, no matter if they are poor or well off,” she said at a press conference held by Perak MCA Public Service and Complaints Bureau chief Datuk Lee Kon Yin here yesterday.

Norbai'ah said her birth certificate listed her father's name as Yia Hui and her mother as Boo Moi Tang.

“I don't know whether they are still around, but I hope I can at least meet my relatives,” she said.

“They could be in Singapore or Johor,” she added.

Norbai'ah said she only found out that she was adopted prior to her marriage in 1992 when her adoptive parents passed the birth certificate to her for her marriage registration.

Now a mother of three, she said her adoptive parents had always avoided the topic whenever she broached the matter.

She also said she had tried looking for her real parents while she was living in Johor but having to move houses regularly deterred her efforts.

“As I was also newly married then, I wanted to settle down first,” she said.

Norbai'ah said she had not suspected that she was adopted because her adoptive mother was fair-skinned. Her adoptive parents had also taken in another boy besides having two children of their own.

Lee said anyone who knows of her biological family could call him at 012-5151178.


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