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Friday December 7, 2012

Popular destination

THE tiger’s roar may sound alarming to adults, but to children visiting the zoo, its growl is exciting to hear.

“I like the tiger,” said Lai Jen Weng, 9, when asked to name his favourite animals in the Taiping Zoo.

He was obviously fascinated by the roar of the large cat, which can be heard the moment visitors enter the zoo.

Jen Weng, a pupil from SJK(C) Sam Tet in Ipoh spent almost two hours at the zoo, last Friday.

The zoo is about 60km or a 45-minute-drive from his home in Ipoh.

“Many of the animals are also in my Science book,” said Jen Weng.

The Taiping Zoo is a popular destination for Perak residents, especially those from Ipoh, because a half-day trip would be sufficient for an enjoyable outing with the kids.

The zoo, which is spacious, is a good place to expose children to wildlife and nature.

It was almost noon when my family and I arrived at the zoo, and there were many visitors strolling around and watching the animals, thanks to the greenery and trees which shaded us from the sun and heat.

There are more than 100 types of animals, and it consumed two hours of our time to get a closer look at them.

Some of the trees are also “tagged”, providing information on them, an effort in introducing the flora and fauna to visitors.

The zoo also provides a free 3km tram ride, with the tour guide introducing many interesting things to look out for.

The zoo also stands out for its cleanliness in comparision to many other tourist destinations in the country.

The surroundings are clean, and with many garbage bins around for visitors’ convenience.

The waterfall was serene, and the stream vibrant with fish, including carps.

Housewife Karen Lee, 48, said it was also a good place to educate children on the importance of maintaining cleanliness of public areas.

“Keeping the environment clean is as important as the conservation of wildlife,” said the mother-of-two from Ipoh.

She said children would also learn by observing their surroundings.

There was however, a bit of litter at the rest area when a few monkeys were seen searching for food in the garbage bins.

A few excited children gave chase when they saw the monkeys.

According to a zoo worker, the monkeys did not belong to the zoo, but were from the nearby jungle.

Lake Gardens is located next to the Taiping Zoo.


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