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Monday December 31, 2012

Pageant final to be aired live tonight

Angie Emmy Paul Andrea Boden Angie Emmy Paul Andrea Boden

TODAY, we feature the last batch of Miss Tourism International delegates. Get to know the beauties from Belgium, Thailand, Sweden, El Salvador, Finland and Romania.

The pageant’s final will be held at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Petaling Jaya tonight. The show will be broadcast live through free-to-air TV and the Internet.

MISS BELGIUM: Angie Emmy Paul Andrea Boden, 23, believes that blogs are the way to go when it comes to promoting tourism.

“As a tourism ambassador, I will start a blog with videos and photos of my country. I will invite everyone to visit beautiful destinations in Belgium.”

Boden recommends the coast.

“The Belgian coast is popular with sunbathers because of the iodine and salt in the air, resulting in a healthy tan.”

The blonde bombshell, who stands at 169cm, comes from the city of Wilryk.

Her main interests are fashion, modelling and travelling.

MISS SWEDEN: Maxime Marie Calington, 23, from the city of Malmo, considers social media an invaluable tool for promoting tourism.

“I will take a lot of photos, and attach them with information and write-up, then post them on my Facebook page so people from all over the world can know more about my country,” said Calington.

The dark-haired beauty considers Ikea to be Sweden’s top tourist attractions.

“The largest Ikea store in the world is in Sweden, not to mention other megastores and shopping centres which are worth a visit.”

She likes to spend her free time cooking, dancing salsa, and spending time with her family.

Calington is 179cm tall and is currently a student.

MISS THAILAND: Suputra Chucharoen, 20, said as a tourism ambassador, she would introduce Thailand’s tourist destinations and delicious Thai food.

“I recommend Koh Samui, which is an island of natural beauty and charm. You can have your holiday any way you like it.

“It has beautiful white sandy beaches; clean, clear warm water; lush tropical gardens and gentle ocean breeze.”

Standing at 173cm, the brunette is a native of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city. She enjoys boxing, singing and dancing.

MISS EL SALVADOR: As a 23-year-old teacher from the city of San Salvador, Cristina Guadalupe Grande Pleitez is currently a host of a video programme to promote tourist spots in her country.

It is one of her responsibilities as a tourism ambassador.

“The beach in La Libertad, is undoubtedly my top pick for a must-go tourist spot because it is a very beautiful beach and the people of El Salvador work very hard to promote it.”

Standing at 166cm, Pleitez has flowing black hair and plays volleyball and tennis for fun.

MISS ROMANIA: She firmly acknowledges that to promote tourism in her country; easy transport, good communication, good accommodation, good health services, good security and a constant upkeep of tourist spots is needed.

“I will promote my country through newspaper, magazines and radio,” said Diana Solomon, 19, who is currently a student.

The brunette is 172cm tall, prefers dancing salsa, painting, cycling as a hobby, and hails from Bucharest.

In terms of the ideal tourist spot in Romania, she recommends the Carpathian Mountain, which is a national park.

“It is a beautiful park with unique landscape, vegetation and wildlife.”

MISS FINLAND: Maria Kaarin Pihlajanieme, 21, believes that by posting news and information regarding the new and latest tourist spots in her country on her blog and Facebook page, she can help promote tourism in Finland.

The blonde likes dancing and acting. However, her true love is fashion.

“Finland has good summer festivals and nice snow. I recommend Lapland Santa Claus Village to any tourist visiting Finland,” she said, adding it is where one can meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle every day.

She said she chose this location because it was a place unique to Finland.

The 173cm tall beauty is a native of Lappeen-ranta.


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