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Saturday December 22, 2012

Many greet 'doomsday' with sarcasm and humour

<b>Surviving doomsday:</b> Visitors at a party for '21.12.12' at Sunway Giza in Kota Damansara, posing for a photo. Surviving doomsday: Visitors at a party for '21.12.12' at Sunway Giza in Kota Damansara, posing for a photo.

PETALING JAYA: The world didn't end, but the lives of some were definitely changed for the better.

The widely-hyped 21-12-12 date predicted by the Mayans to signal doomsday was a no-show, but that did not dissuade those who had prepared for it.

Electrical engineer Fathi Faruq, 24, tweeted: “I survived doomsday and will get myself running shoes and start exercising.”

Research assistant Mushamir Mustaffa, 20, who had been part of the Malaysian Doomsday Preppers community, has a list of resolutions that he must now fulfil.

Mushamir wants to get his driver's licence, climb Mount Kinabalu, dive and earn an underwater diver's licence, go bungee jumping in South Africa, and skydive in Nami-bia.

“I'll be going to these places next year,” he said.

The rest of the Malaysian Dooms-day Preppers online community intend to continue prepping in anticipation of future disasters.

Activist Hasbeemasputra Abu Bakar, 37, resolved to celebrate his doomsday survival by drinking less coffee.

Many Malaysians greeted the lack of catastrophe with sarcasm and humour.

“Having survived doomsday, I feel like I should be a better person,” said Yvonne Ho, 40.

“Maybe, my first job can be to help that unfortunate Rela guy find his 13 chickens,” she said, referring to the Rela officer who had placed all his chickens in one coop to combat the rumoured tidal doomsday wave, and promptly had them stolen.

Student Gerard Lye, 22, tweeted “Mana boleh (where can) end of the world? Epic Champions League games have yet to be played.”

Graphic designer Aaron Gatapia, 22, said his doomsday resolution was to “cause the next one”.


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