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Thursday November 29, 2012

Innovative luxury

Pampering the skin:
A special facial
treatment called the
L´age D´or Facial
Treatment to fully
nourish and pamper
one’s skin is available
in conjunction with the
launch of Isabelle
Lancray’s new range of
products. Pampering the skin: A special facial treatment called the L´age D´or Facial Treatment to fully nourish and pamper one’s skin is available in conjunction with the launch of Isabelle Lancray’s new range of products.

A new facial treatment from Isabelle Lancray claims to nurture and nourish skin.

WITH a history that spans almost 67 years, Isabelle Lancray Paris is an established brand of cosmetics and skincare products.

In keeping with its tradition of nourishing skin, the brand recently launched a new range called L’age D’or, featuring three products – Marianne Eternal Cream, Edith Absolute Cream and Isabelle Timeless Elixir. To top it off, the Marianne Eternal Cream was awarded Most Innovative Cosmetic Product 2012 at the In-cosmetics 2012 exhibition held in Barcelona, Spain, recently.

The products are formularised with natural flower living cells such as blue iris, rose of Damascus and the Arabian jasmine. Other ingredients include selected pearl essence, and Ceraparts AA and SOPI Plus complexes.

The L’age D’or Marianne Creme Liberte (Eternal Cream) is an anti-ageing cream said to protect skin against external influence and strengthen its immune system. The L’age D’or Edith Creme Absolute (Absolute Cream) is touted to help improve skin function, increase skin elasticity and even skin tone.

Its ingredients are said to deliver a visible “lifting-effect” to skin. Meanwhile, the L’age D’or Isabelle Elixir Intemporel (Timeless Elixir) is a highly concentrated serum said to stimulate and repair skin.

In tandem with the L’age D’or products, a special treatment called the L’age D’or Facial Treatment has been put together to fully nourish and pamper one’s skin. The treatment is aimed at infusing precious nutrients into the skin to instantly give it a moisture boost. It also targets fine lines and wrinkles while repairing and regenerating skin.

Given its premium label, I was curious to find out just how different this treatment was from ordinary ones.

After make-up removal and cleansing, my skin was given an intensive cleansing using the Intense Enzyme Peeling Power and Solution (Peeling Enzymatique Intense), and the Cleansing Emulsion and Natural Lotion.

This enzyme peeling step helps in the gentle removal of skin particles, has healing qualities and prepares skin cells to receive active agents later on.

After applying the solution, two small brushes with stiff bristles were used to gently scrub my face in circular motion. Some may feel that the bristles are a bit too harsh but I liked it because I know my skin is getting a good exfoliation.

Then, my face went under a steamer, followed by an extraction. However, these steps are optional and depend on your skin condition.

Next, a Lifting Matrix formularised with active agents of the L’age D’or range, fortified with a tigernut extract, pepper essence, and L-Arginine and hyaluronic acids, was applied.

This was followed by a massage cream, after which a relaxing massage was performed to facilitate better absorption of the products. The massage also extended to my shoulders and hands.

The next step was one of my favourites – a warm face pillow filled with special rice grains, heated up earlier in a microwave. It gave out a nice, warm relaxing feel, with the weight of the pillow providing a pleasant, gentle pressure on the face.

After 15 minutes, the warm pillow was removed and another dose of Lifting Matrix was applied.

This was followed by a cold mask called the Golden Jewel Mask (Masque Bijou).

This golden-coloured peel-off mask, which contains algae with rose water, rose, oil essence of the rose of Damascus and jojoba oil, is said to moisturise, regenerate and strengthen skin.

I liked this cold mask the best. As soon as the beautician applied the first dollop with a brush, I could really feel the pampering effect of the rich cool, thick mixture.

After removing the mask, a Day Elixir was applied, followed by the Illuminator on the décolleté, cheek bone and eye area. The gold pigments in the cream serve as an optical highlight.

Overall, it was a relaxing facial session, and my face certainly felt tighter and rejuvenated after the treatment.

> The L’age D’or facial treatment, priced at RM680, is available at Beautifirst Skin & Therapy Centre located at Subang Square Business Park, Subang Jaya, Selangor, and at over 40 beauty salons nationwide. For more information, call Cheerful Beauteepro at 03-2141 9928/9037 or log on to cheerful.com.my/isabellelancray.


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