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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Nurturing our children

I was happy with the recent statement by Deputy Prime Minster and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that children with potential should be nurtured.

He said this at a ceremony to celebrate the success of the Malaysian contingent to the Kuala Lumpur World Robotic Olympiad (KL WRO) 2012.

I have always believed that every child has hidden potential and every effort should be made to allow that light to shine.

Children need to be regarded as a mine rich in gems. Just look how the gems are excavated from the soil and polished to become beautiful and lustrous ornaments for man.

It is the duty of parents and teachers to identify and nurture the talents and potential of their children.

As aptly said by our DPM, it would be a waste if the students’ interests are not cultivated and nurtured. A child can develop an interest in any field, be it sports, computer, economics, journalism, language or even dance.

Whatever the choice, it should be encouraged and fostered so that the child achieves his or her potential.

Nowadays, we see a worrying trend among parents demanding that their children study a field of their choice, like medicine, law and the like.

Some parents even indoctrinate the child from childhood to become a doctor, even though the child may not have the right aptitude for medicine.

In some families, becoming a doctor is a prestigious achievement. I do not deny that the career of a doctor is a truly rewarding one. But, is the child interested in medicine and has the passion for it?

This is the crucial issue the parents need to ponder on before encouraging the child to take up any career.

Let’s us bring the best out of every child and make him or her happy for choosing the career.

Do not deny them their right to make a choice.

We should not force upon them any career that is our dream.

After all, what is happiness in life? Be happy with whatever you do and thus contribute your share for the betterment of your fellow beings.




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