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Sunday November 11, 2012

PAS Youth: No religious freedom for Muslims

PETALING JAYA: Islam, according to PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan, does not advocate religious freedom for Muslims, online portal The Mole reported.

“Islam has never advocated religious freedom as the believers should accept that the religion is the only truth.

“Thus, someone who is born as a Muslim, he or she should embrace the religion, practise and defend it,” the portal quoted Nasrudin in its recent article.

The Mole also referred to his recent blog posting where he outlined several Quranic verses on Islam.

“Nasruddin in his blog post cited a verse from Quran (Al Anaam: 153) stating that there is no religious freedom and freedom to choose for a born Muslim, except to surrender himself to Allah,” the article stated.

The article drew a comparison between his stand and that of PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar on freedom of religion.

However, according to the article, Nasrudin declined to comment on her remark as he had not listened or read the full transcript.

The Lembah Pantai MP, who has denied that she supported apostasy, met Selangor Islamic Affairs Depart­ment (Jais) officials on Friday to submit her complaint and provide an explanation over the matter.


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