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Thursday January 19, 2012

Dragon the main motif of jeweller’s special Chinese New Year collections

TO WELCOME the Year of the Dragon, jeweller Poh Kong Holdings Bhd proudly introduces its 2012 The Art of Auspicious Jewellery with the dragon as the main design motif.

Since ancient times, the Chinese dragons have been a symbol of power, strength and good luck. It traditionally symbolises potent and auspicious powers.

The Art of Auspicious Jewellery by Poh Kong comprises a variety of collections, which include the Dragon’s Pearl, Jade and Gourd, Abacus, Fortunes from Heaven, the Rising Dragon Gold Coin and Smooth Endeavours Silver Coin set and Soaring Pixiu.

For a lucky year: Poh Kong executive director Christine Choon Wan Joo with some of Poh Kong’s 2012 Art of Auspicious Collection at its manufacturing plant in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. In the forefront is the Fortunes from Heaven Collection, which comes in the form of a huge pendant and ring.

One of the exquisite designs under the Jade and Gourd Collection is the Dragon’s Pearl bracelet. This intricate bracelet comes with dragon’s pearl, shiny beads, gold gourd, jade gourd, gold tangerine and auspicious fruit.

It is believed that those who wear this bracelet will be blessed with five fortunes of successful career, good life, longevity, wealth and happiness.

The Blessings of Fortune is definitely a work of art as it was painstakingly crafted by Poh Kong’s master craftsmen. The special design comes with a dragon coiling around the gourd symbolising good fortune with abundance of blessings and good health.

Another piece of art is the gold dragon and gold gourd affixed to a gold necklace. The gold dragon and jade gourd is a beautiful pendant that stands out with its rich colour contrast.

Another interesting piece of jewellery in the Art of Auspicious collection is the Gourds of Fortune. It takes great effort and skill to come up with this piece as the gourd jades with sleeves come in dragon and ancient coin motifs. Wearing this would invite abundance of good fortune and wealth.

For men with position and power, wear the Imperial Jade Ring, which is crafted with a dragon encircling an oval-shaped Grade A jade. The dragon represents fulfilment in all aspects of life with blessings of wealth and success, while the jade is believed to protect one against negative energies.

The Chinese regard jade as a symbol of the good, the beautiful and the precious. It embodies the Confucian virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage.

Apart from the above collections, there is also a variety of designs under the Special Collection. The Chain of Command is a pendant with ‘seven stars’ attached to the necklace. The ‘seven stars’ are represented by four Dragon’s Pearls, three shiny gold beads and one ancient coin. Apart from assuring ‘seven days of income’, this piece is said to help the aspiring top executives to have problem-free management. Ambitious women are encouraged to wear this jewellery.

The Abundance of Fortune is yet another beautiful piece under the Special Collection, which features a dragon wrapped around a yellow crystal. The crystal magnifies the words of fortune engraved at the base of this pendant, therefore enhancing good fortune.

Other designs under Special Collection also include Fortunes from Heaven, Winds of Change and Dragon’s Treasure.

The Dragon Abacus under the Abacus Collection is a fine piece where two dragons face one another to form the number eight. This piece has nine rows of miniature beads denoting infinite abundance. The beads can rotate and move freely, which describes a lively business for business owners.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Abacus Ring has an abacus prominently featured on the face of the ring. Poh Kong’s fine gold craftsmanship is being displayed here as it takes great effort and skill to construct 42 tiny beads that can slide on the wires of the abacus frame, which is supported by two dragons coiled up in a figure eight. This denotes great fortune is on its way to the wearer.

The Soaring Pixiu collection comes in the form of bracelet, ring and pendant. The Pixiu is a hybrid creature and the ninth offspring of the dragon, which resembles a winged lion.

It is a fierce beast according to ancient legends. Pixiu has a mouth as big as that of a hippo; a pair of wings that can fly symbolising agility; a wide nose that can smell everything; eyes that are perceptive to the slightest; a sharp horn on the head; and sharp teeth in the mouth. This creature has no buttocks, which means that there is a way in, but no way out inherently. Besides being a guardian god, it is can bring abundant source of wealth and protect it from leaking out.

The Pixiu Bracelet is a brown leather with one gold Pixiu placed in the middle of the strap and a latch buckle. This piece is for those who like leather wear and wants to put up a trendy look. The Pixiu pendant comes in three different sizes and this item should not be missed as wearing it means welcoming wealth.

The Pixiu ring has “seven stars” of red sapphires embedded on one side to help ‘control a thousand soldiers’ and the ‘rising sun from mountain’ on the other side signifies prospering business. The ancient coin hidden underneath the ring (facing the finger) helps to keep and control accumulated wealth.

Poh Kong has also come up with the gold and silver commemorative coins, which are collectors’ favourite. This year, the Rising Dragon Gold Coin and Smooth Endeavours Silver Coin are limited to 2000 sets. The potent pair when placed at a position of wealth helps one to attain prosperity and enjoy a peaceful and smooth sailing life.

The 2012 Auspicious Collection is now available at Poh Kong outlets nationwide.

Poh Kong is the largest jewellery retail chain in Malaysia, which started its business in Petaling Jaya New Town in 1976 specialising in retailing and manufacturing of exquisite jewellery.


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