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Monday August 8, 2011

Spirit ‘captured’ in photos during ritual

A GROUP of friends had a shock of their life when they found that they “captured” images of a spirit in the photographs they took during a Hungry Ghost ritual recently.

China Press reported that the images, which looked like a paper ghost, appeared in the photographs taken by the restaurant workers.

The group had conducted prayers at about 12.30am on the first day of the Hungry Ghost Month at a roadside in Malacca.

The group later decided to hold another prayer at the same site and were relieved that the spirit did not appear in any of the photographs that they took.

However, a photography expert said the image of the so-called spirit might be just a reflection from a glass window.

> Still on the topic of ghosts, the daily reported about a man who claimed to have been possessed by a female spirit after he and two friends desecrated the grave of a woman.

The three had earlier stolen the hair and fingernails of the woman, whose grave was also in Malacca.

They believed that the items could protect them from harm.

However, their action was said to have angered the woman's spirit.

One of the men later died in an accident while the other committed suicide.

The man, however, managed to get rid of the spirit with the help of a medium at a Chinese temple.

The temple medium successfully asked the ghost to leave the man's body after he apologised to her at her grave.

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