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Sunday August 21, 2011

Platform for the young

LACK of support is a constant grouse among young artists, especially those working in the harder-to-define area of contemporary art.

The Penang State Art Gallery aims to change this by creating more space for them to showcase their work.

“We always find ways to encourage young talents. Those who are established are always welcome to hold solo or group exhibitions at the gallery. All they need to so is submit a proposal,” says gallery director Haryany Mohamad.

She cites Kedai Runcit No.12 as an example of the artworks it wants to encourage. In fact, she even got the gallery staff involved by compiling and showcasing a documentation of their own kedai runcit experience and its heritage in Penang.

Haryany feels the state’s visual art scene has always been vibrant, but perhaps, it’s only now that it’s catching the attention of art lovers nationwide.

“Penang, especially the Penang State Art Gallery, is the main platform for visual and contemporary art in the northern region. We are very active – we organise more then 15 exhibitions per year.”


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